One of the most wicked scuba murders!

For now, I do have a real highlight for those who don’t know this scene already.

I thought about if I should post such a wicked, evil scene on my blog. Yes, I posted deadly underwater attacks before…but this one… wow!

It’s very wicked, but I must admit it arouses me big time (as a fantasy scenario)! But the ending….well, more on that after the video….

In this scene, we have a female and male diver enjoying the underwater world. But one of them has evil plans….really EVIL plans…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Ok, first let me explain some things to those who are wondering what happened to her:

After she realizes that she is out of air and that her buddy won’t help her (that bastard), she realizes that she must surface….and that quickly.

She ascends to the surface very fast…way too fast. So I would say parts of her lung rupture….

Weird aspects of this scene:

Well, her behavior (in parts). She realizes that she is out of air. Normally you would grab the “spare” (your second regulator) to try to breathe from it. In case your (first) regulator would have a malfunction. She doesn’t do that…hmh, ok. Now she turns to her buddy, she signals him that she is out of air but he won’t help her and keeps a distance from her. Ok, she could go after him and try to get his regulator….but that might get difficult.

Now, she could get the idea, that he actually wants her dead. And she could try to check her air valve for the pretty big chance that he closed it. Of course, she is out of air for some seconds but there would be enough time to reach for the valve, or take off the tank and check it. Would be very interesting to see what HE would do then…. 😉

Well, as she doesn’t check the air valve, she has only one option left…ascending quickly to the surface.

I don’t know how realistic is what we see know. With all that (fake CGI) blood and so on…

Arousing and non-arousing aspects of the scene:

Well, I must admit. The moment she is out of air, signals him and starts the panic sounds… that is very sexy. And it is really well done.

And I know that a lot of you guys will think like that about this scene 😉

And even the diver seems ….VERY aroused:

(find the… boner in the picture 😉 )

…well, who can blame him?

The aspect of her forced quick ascend is… really evil. I don’t like it. Pretty brutal. And unsexy….

In my version, she would try to open the air valve again.

She would be successful, but at that moment… as she is busy with her gear …he would rip off her mask and cut her air hose afterward. She would try to grab his regulator but without her mask, she would lose the fight and drown.

And this scene is the opening of the movie, I would love to see a payback scene afterward. Where he is drowned in a fight with a female diver (maybe her sister on revenge) that wants to stop him once and for all. But sadly, it is the only scuba scene in the movie….

From which movie is this scene?


So, what do you think about this scene?

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8 thoughts on “One of the most wicked scuba murders!”

  1. As she was breathing out as she went up she should have been relatively safe from a lung embalysem but would still have got the bends which would have killed her slowly and painfully and may have paralysed her in the process.
    I think the reason she did not act appropriately when she ran out of air may be due to the fact she was not thinking clearly as she was most likely suffering from hypothermia, I base this assumption on the fact that her male “friend “ seemed to require a full body wetsuit to dive safely and think straight, where as she seemed to be diving in so little she may as well have been naked. Even in tropical seas once you go below 10 meters you can get cold very quickly without a wetsuit.
    Either that or the production team could not afford two wetsuits for the shoot
    Or maybe they just wanted to film her diving naked coz they could.

    • Regarding the wetsuit:
      Hmh, possible, but I think the producers just wanted to show her in bikini.
      And regarding her reactions: I would say she just panics and didn’t thought about just turning on her air again. But well, it’s a pretty great scene beside some flaws 😉

    • I guess that’s a question 😉
      Well, not to my knowledge since it’s “TV movie”. Those nearly never make it to DVD/Bluray.

  2. I have also always questioned why she isn’t in a wetsuit. Like you said it is really easy to get cold in the water.

    More importantly, however, is why it takes that short a time to die from the bends, lung rupture, or any other diving related injury?

    Personally, the only thing I like about the scene is the “creative” death, despite being so evil. Her reaction, his inaction, and general lack of clarity make this a boring one for me.


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