Lee Majors VS two divers + Lee Majors needs to rescue a frogwoman

Thanks to Gaston for this recommendation he made a while back!

I edited this video in a way that we basically have two scenes in it. In the first Lee Majors (aka Steve Austin in this one) tries some new underwater breathing device as two bad frogmen attack him!

In the 2nd scene, a frogwoman uses the same device and is trapped in a cage so he needs to rescue her…


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And here is the video:

For folks from the USA and Canada (video blocked there):



Well, the fight scene is pretty nice even if there are no scuba ladies involved.

The second scene….well, as mostly it could have been better. They lock a frogwoman in a cage with a breathing device that only works with Lee Majors.

But instead of showing her…how she doesn’t get any air and starts to panic…they show the fight on the surface. And even as Majors is underwater we didn’t get one good shot on Elke Sommer and her faulty breathing device…..

On the good site is her in that wetsuit. She looks really good in it.

And her lying on her back in that wetsuit….that’s my favorite part 😉

And if you wanna know from which episode that is:


What do you think of that scene?

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5 thoughts on “Lee Majors VS two divers + Lee Majors needs to rescue a frogwoman”

  1. Hey!
    You’re wellcome 🙂 Saddly I currently have no other recommendations. But I will be attentive to any new stuff that may indicate you.

    About this scene:
    I saw this episode of The six million dollar man when I was a child and at that moment I was struck by the beautiful woman in wetsuit lying on the floating dock. Years passed, and I discovered that I liked the scenes of women in wetsuit, I remembered this episode and luckily RTL via satellite it was issued in the 90’s. I was happy to see Elke Sommer again in that red and black Wetsuit: )

    Good edit, Siggi. Elke is fantastic throughout the episode. Her character and look I like a lot, but in the end she becomes a frogwoman. Great!

    And I agree: the best part is when she is lying on the dock and Steve removes the device from her mouth. She makes great efforts to breathe. Sadly, the camera is a bit far away, but she looks amazing with the wet wetsuit 🙂

    • Thanks for the reco.! Yeah, I know that one…a really silly drowning. So silly that it get’s uninteresting.
      She looks nice in her suit…. Perhaps I will post it one day…when I’m out of material. But I guess that won’t happen soon.
      Please use the contact page if you have more recommendations 😉


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