3 thoughts on “Thunderball: Update #16”

  1. About Thunderball:
    I know that you are a diving enthusiast, and in that sense I understand your fascination for this movie. But for my part, it saddens me that the woman in shortly red wetsuit really does not appear in the film. I bought the Thunderball DVD along with other Bond films by Sean Connery and Roger Moore (my favorite age of 007) and at least in the extra content, there are a few seconds of actress training and we see her with that red wetsuit. But only a few seconds 🙂

    • That’s why I love and hate these promo pictures from stuff that isn’t in the actual movie. INteresting to see…but somehow…they are cheating 😉

  2. Yeah!
    Curiously, here in Spain the title of the movie was translated as “Operacion trueno” (Operation thunder), ha ha!

    This reminds me of the extra content of the Star Wars DVD, they show us the film’s cover in many languages, and I never forget the German, because I really liked how it sounds: Krieg der sterne 😀


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