Posters, magazines, toys, storyboards and promo pictures from Thunderball

Time for some great stuff that was produced for promoting Thunderball! (to be updated)


some Lobby cards / Posters:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

Pretty cool stuff!

Picture 1: You could get the idea that domino kills Vargas. But she never ever had a spear gun in her hand…and didn’t wear a wetsuit in the movie either ๐Ÿ™

Picture 2: Pretty odd collection von images, but with the famous “Largo inspects his frogmen”- scene….sadly only a promotion shot.

Picture 3: Pretty cool underwater scenes, odd that the sub was concealed by Bond. But I guess they wanted Bond in the picture somewhere….

Picture 4: Wow, never seen so many sexy vintage suits in one poster…Great Stuff!

Picture 10 (agente 007): Wow, a nice collection of wetsuit pictures. If you look closely at the upper right image…Largo seems pretty excited to fight in his wetsuit ๐Ÿ˜‰

VERY odd that they used that picture….they used to censor the hell out of the movie….but such a poster is ok?



“Behind the scenes”- pictures from the Vulcan bomber:

Great images that explain a lot about how they filmed that scene. But WHY would you use such pictures (at least the right one) as lobby cards to promote the movie? I wouldn’t show people such pictures to promote the movie. Don’t know about the left picture, but it seems that it wasn’t used as a promotion.

But it shows both stuntmen posing as pilots with their scuba gear which they used between the shots.



Vulcan ART:

Pretty impressive display that was made by an artist (not official stuff).

Would like to have one…. ๐Ÿ™‚



Some interesting Thunderball scuba toys:

Well, that sub model isn’t very accurate, but interesting.

And that “underwater struggle” (from 2010) display is very well made! Looks fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

Not very expensive (around 50 Euro) but you actually need to paint it yourself…. or buy a painted version for 220 Euro.


Interesting storyboards:

…artwork from my favorite scene! ๐Ÿ™‚


Magazines that I can recommend (because I have them):

The magazines to the left are from 007 magazine. With some nice pictures of the movie that I haven’t seen anywhere else ๐Ÿ˜‰

The magazines on the right picture are magazines from the ’60s. Not in the best shape, but great pictures (especially in the left one). Not so easy to get…


What do think about the pictures?

Feel welcome to leave your comment below!


13 thoughts on “Posters, magazines, toys, storyboards and promo pictures from Thunderball”

  1. About promo work, best is from Robert Mcginnis. Bond never misses a shot when his target is black and wet. I like idea that rubber guy only owns a knife and dies in front of Domino layed in bikini on the beach. The awful human frog, the naughty goddess and her defender spearman. This drawning is a sadistic fantasy…

  2. The Thunderball promotion was better than movie. I think to Martine Beswick fighting on the beach vs a few frogmen. I think to Claudine Auger posing in front of these frogmen condemned to a death forthcoming (video footage can be found). Producers tried to mix beautiful women with freaky frogmen.

    But the best is the Irish premiere in 1966. Some men and women in the staff was turned into frogmen. Women wore a black diving suit. Men turned completly into frogmen, with diving suit, hood, tanks, regulator, mask and flippers. Godess Luciana Paluzzi was in the crew. Pics of that premiere are hard to find, of course !
    You seem to have a nice archive…for Thunderball at least.

    • Hmh, very interesting info…thanks V!
      It sounds like you may have some pictures to that premier, am I right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Well, I guess these picture maybe in Black and white…what always is a little thrill-killer for me (these suits are far less sexy without color)…
      …but of course I would be interested in them!

  3. Here is the link :

    It’s a very little sized photo but it gives an idea of this event. It was surely fun to meet frogmen and fancy ladies in same place. I would have enjoyed to be one of these frogmen and meet Luciana Paluzzi. She would have been my authoritative goddess. I would have been her devoted servant with complete subservience. Just a dream…

    And you can see also women dressed as Spectre’s diver. A good idea, I guess.

    Do you own pics from Domino when she poses in front of Largo’s frogmen ?

    • Really interesting picture! Thanks, V!
      A lot to see there ๐Ÿ™‚

      Domino in front of Largo’s frogmen? Yeah, I guess I saw pictures somewehere. But I don’t have them in my collection.

    • Great picture! No, never seen that one…where do you dig up stuff like that?
      It takes a LOT of self-control…from these frogmen. Being in that gear is already nice…and then, seeing a woman like that…in a bathing suit like that! OH MAN!

  4. I found it on ebay.
    Yeah, I guess she knows her seductive power upon them. She shines like a black star while these frogmen are stuck under rubber and the heavy outfit. A great photo session.

  5. But I think it was just an usual day at work for all cast. They promoted movie and I wonder where is now all these pics and film footages. I saw a very short video with Claudine Auger and black divers walking with fins behind her. I saw also Luciana Paluzzi puting fins on beach. All this TV promote work must have been destroyed after broadcast.

    About women in this movies, Fiona Volpe is by far best character and Luciana Paluzzi is best perfomer. Martine Beswick never has been so dazzling, especially on the beach. But Claudine Auger doesn’t feel at ease on the set, as most of french actresses in a Bond movie.


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