2 frogwomen get eaten by really bad CGI (really bad!)

Yeah, a lucky guy dives with 2 sexy frogwomen around a wreck. But soon, really really really bad CGI creatures attack them!

But at least we got some nice views before that…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, they do look good in their suits and the screaming frogwoman has a nice appearance.

But besides that, there are not too many positive things you can say about it.

And that is by far the most interesting part of the movie 😆

These CGI effects….oh MAN! Even 30-40 years ago….there had been a lot of better effects.

And this is the movie…in case you don’t wanna see it 😉 :


What do you think about it?

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4 thoughts on “2 frogwomen get eaten by really bad CGI (really bad!)”

  1. I gotta say I thought this scene was awesome, by far the scariest thing was the graphics, the two women looked hot in their gear, I loved the way she carefully took her reg out to scream, but to be fair to a movie that was clearly made on the cheap, they spent some of the budget on making sure the ladies were using real scuba equipment, it’s just a shame the couldn’t stretch to full length wetsuits for them.


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