A Japanese Frogwoman in a rubber wetsuit …and the rubber monster

Found a picture of this frogwoman on DeviantArt and immediately knew that that would make a good blog post… so thanks for uploading that picture! ๐Ÿ™‚

We have a frogwoman in a lovely vintage rubber wetsuit and also a “monster”!


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Here is the video:

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If you live in Japan and can’t see the videos on Youtube:


(that were all her scenes in the wetsuit)

Hmh, not exactly a fan of this color mixture on her… but I always love a (black) rubber wetsuit!

The brown fins match the brown part of the wetsuit, but I’m not too fond of the color. The addition of a green cowl is pretty “wild” ๐Ÿ˜†

However, she looks great nonetheless in that outfit!

A shame that she had only that very short scene where she was actually diving in real water.

The fake underwater scene looks pretty weird, with no bubbles at all, and so on.

I don’t fully get what this all is about as the video has just Japanese language and no subtitles.

In my version, there wouldn’t be a monster but some evil frogwomen and she would have to battle them ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wanna from which episode from which TV show this is?


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Later today I will watch my favorite movie of all time for the first time…. in a cinema!

Have watched it at least 15 times or so, but never in a cinema.

The movie I’m talking about is prominently featured here on the page ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The female diver and the rubber monster! [original Flipper TV show – HD]

For today I have a short video with some nice scenes from 1964!

One year before the best scuba movie ever came out.

In this episode of the original Flipper TV show, a horror movie with an underwater monster is filmed.

And to no surprise, the monster is after a sexy female scuba diver….. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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And here is the video:

Yeah, of course, it is all staged, and only a guy in a monster rubber suit….but still….I like these scenes, especially as it is very nice to see such vintage TV scenes in HD.

A wetsuit would actually be sexier for me, but well, she doesn’t look bad in that bathing suit either. Imagine her in a black SPECTRE wetsuit with a double hose regulator….the monster yanking at her air hose….

There are more underwater scenes in that episode but not with the female diver.

Wanna know from which episode this is?


What do you think of that scene and that gear?

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A frogwoman and a frogman in vintage scuba gear…and weird rubber monsters!

This one I knew for quite some time, but somehow I never made a video out of it.

But it offers quite a lot! A frogman and a frogwoman in great vintage scuba gear ๐Ÿ™‚

In and out of the water! And a total of 9 minutes in that gear!!!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

If you can’t see the video above (due to YouTube restrictions), check this link:

Weird rubber monsters and a frogwoman (and frogman) in vintage scuba gear (on Google Drive)

Well, quite some scenes! First of all …I do love that scuba gear!

The frogman actually has my favorite wetsuit/regulator combo (black rubber wetsuit + double hose regulator….just like a SPECTRE diver in Thunderball)!

A shame that she doesn’t wear the same outfit.

I don’t like those ugly bathing caps and why doesn’t she wear a matching hood to it? And of course, I would have preferred an underwater encounter with the monster that would lead to an extensive fight scene….but, well, you can’t have everything.

The monsters look pretty funny, but well, the movie is over 50 years old. Weird that she encounters the monster underwater, but the monster actually isn’t underwater (filmed in studio). I guess they couldn’t use that outfit underwater for some reason…

Here is the title of the movie:


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2 frogwomen get eaten by really bad CGI (really bad!)

Yeah, a lucky guy dives with 2 sexy frogwomen around a wreck. But soon, really really really bad CGI creatures attack them!

But at least we got some nice views before that…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, they do look good in their suits and the screaming frogwoman has a nice appearance.

But besides that, there are not too many positive things you can say about it.

And that is by far the most interesting part of the movie ๐Ÿ˜†

These CGI effects….oh MAN! Even 30-40 years ago….there had been a lot of better effects.

And this is the movie…in case you don’t wanna see it ๐Ÿ˜‰ :


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The vintage female scuba diver…and her surprising end (?)

Some news first:

The Frogwoman VIP club 2.0 will be updated on September 2nd as I’m away for most of the weekend.

This one is for the fans of vintage scuba diving!

We have a woman and two men diving through crystal clear water, looking for someone… but there is a hidden danger in these waters ๐Ÿ˜‰


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Of course, if you know the rest of the movie, you have already seen the mysterious attacker that grabs her scuba mask.

But the real surprise/mystery is….why this woman isn’t shown AT ALL for the rest of the movie. Most likely the monster killed her somehow…

She just vanished.

It’s a shame that the scene is interrupted that way…right at the moment where it got really interesting.

Her face without the scuba mask, with the regulator, looks really great:

(click to enlarge)

This is the rare movie:


What do you think of that scene?

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The female scuba diver gets into trouble…

A new video for you folks! And I guess from a movie that only very few of you guys and girls know.

In this one, a sexy scuba lady gets into the water. While she dives around in her white t-shirt (!) a seaquake happens.

She is into serious trouble, but not in a way you may think ๐Ÿ˜‰


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

What a nice sexy scuba lady… with quite an evil ending.

Bizarre how the guy uses glass to fetch some water (why?????) that is at first clearly “normal” and then a second later it’s red ๐Ÿ˜†


Wanna know from which movie this is from?


2 frogwomen diving in caves with hot wetsuits…. and some monsters

Time for a new post!

I edited a video with scuba diving scenes and surface scenes where we can see up to 2 hot frogwomen in their sexy wetsuits.

The highlight of the clip starts around 6:50 (strong finish)…


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


These wetsuits are great. And the finish is really….good. Nice scene!

But the underwater action could be better with the female divers.

By the way, this is the movie: