2 frogwomen diving in caves with hot wetsuits…. and some monsters

Time for a new post!

I edited a video with scuba diving scenes and surface scenes where we can see up to 2 hot frogwomen in their sexy wetsuits.

The highlight of the clip starts around 6:50 (strong finish)…


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


These wetsuits are great. And the finish is really….good. Nice scene!

But the underwater action could be better with the female divers.

By the way, this is the movie:






1 thought on “2 frogwomen diving in caves with hot wetsuits…. and some monsters”

  1. This is unique, Frogwoman.Org. There’s not any other movie / tv video scenes of Frogwoman cave rather than scuba diving. I especially like Lena Headey (Dr. Kathryn Jennings) here almost as much as in Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles doing Sarah Connor. Including Piper Perabo (Charlie), and even Daniel Dae Kim (Alex Kim).


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