The female scuba diver gets into trouble…

A new video for you folks! And I guess from a movie that only very few of you guys and girls know.

In this one, a sexy scuba lady gets into the water. While she dives around in her white t-shirt (!) a seaquake happens.

She is into serious trouble, but not in a way you may think 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

What a nice sexy scuba lady… with quite an evil ending.

Bizarre how the guy uses glass to fetch some water (why?????) that is at first clearly “normal” and then a second later it’s red 😆


Wanna know from which movie this is from?


6 thoughts on “The female scuba diver gets into trouble…”

  1. What kind of goggles does she have on? Interested in knowing if there’s something similar to those that can be found to purchase somewhere.


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