Sexy women in stunning wetsuits (swimsuits) #1

A quick post to present some sexy women in stunning wetsuits/swimsuits to you folks!

Came across these pictures lately, and I wanna share them here.


(only thumbnails….click on the image to enlarge it to full size)




My thoughts about the pictures:

You may know by now that I love suits made out of rubber or suits which have a top layer that is or looks like rubber. So I really love the suits that are used for swimming or triathlon.

When it comes to modern gear I think that these triathlon/swimming -suits are much sexier than the “normal” wetsuits nowadays. More women should wear them for diving ๐Ÿ˜‰

(yes I know they are not really designed for that ๐Ÿ™ )


1) Love the dark blue. She looks fantastic in it!

2) Hmh, all black suit. And a hot woman in it. Great combo!

3) Two-piece with attached hood. Could be “shinier” but looks really good as well.

4-6) MY GOD!!!!! Fantastic suit, really sexy! And you don’t see many women that fill out that suit as she does! These triathlon women often seem to have….small/smaller breasts due to the training. But seeing HER twins in that tight, rubbery (looking) suit…. PERFECT!

What do you think about these suits?

Any favorite?

Leave your comment below!

4 thoughts on “Sexy women in stunning wetsuits (swimsuits) #1”

  1. I agree these modern wetsuits are sexy but I still prefer suits with a zip on front which is in the middle and goes down to at least the navel.

    • Yeah, a front zipper would be cool, but somehow these swimsuits seem to have back zippers….perhaps it looks better. But it’s less practical….

  2. Wow! I these pictures are amazing especially the last 3 she is something else in that suit.
    Having seen some of their masks and other products I can only conclude that Cressi is a dive gear company with at least one pervert working in their design department! ( which I think is great)
    I agree that a front zipper would be sexier but harder to put on and take off. Also if you managed to get your wife/ girlfriend to wear one of these on a dive everyone would know why you bought it and denying it would only make it worse.
    That said, these are great pictures but I miss the front zip shiny one piece wetsuit.


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