Frogwomen and frogmen in vintage rubber suits….. in an “underwater” city [Blog exclusive]

Well, these scenes aren’t interesting because of the actual “diving” but for the fantastic vintage scuba gear that is shown!

Story: A first underwater city was built on the bottom of the ocean. Soon disaster strikes and the frogwomen and frogmen have to escape…


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And here is the video:

Google Drive link

(Wanted to post that on YouTube…but no luck)

Well, ok, the movie is from the early ’60s, but nonetheless….the fake underwater scenes were the pretend to “dive” by walking around on the ocean floor…with soap bubbles emerging from their regulators…it’s pretty hilarious. And I don’t like the fact that they aren’t underwater at all.

BUT, these suits are looking fantastic! Sexy vintage rubber wetsuits…. 🙂

And really funny, how the first woman to appear in dive gear in this movie of course runs into trouble in a matter of seconds and needs to be rescued (classic 50’s/60’s).

Damn, how great would it be if these frogwomen would have been actually underwater…and encountered some perilous situation in this gear?

If you wanna know the title of the movie (although it was kind of mentioned earlier):


What do you think of these scenes and that gear?

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11 thoughts on “Frogwomen and frogmen in vintage rubber suits….. in an “underwater” city [Blog exclusive]”

    • With flippers these fake underwater scenes would look even more hilarious 😉
      And they only walk around “underwater” anyhow 😆

    • The soap bubbles are in the text 😉
      And yeah, of course I am interested in those publicity stills! Would be a nice addition for the post!

  1. The city beneath the sea. Another movie I searched years ago. I found it, but with worse image quality. Thanks, Siggi.
    The fake underwater scenes are … interesting 🙂
    The techniques improve over time. Fake underwater scenes were made in the movie Lara Croft and the cradle of life, but in that case the realism achieved in the digital era was better.
    Beautiful wetsuits for these women, but the devices that everyone uses on the front of the body cover them a lot 🙂

  2. The scene was obviously fake but I was totally ok with that, in fact the idea of those ladies having to stay in all that gear for the whole scene shoot is kinda cool. I would love to have been at the catering truck when they broke for lunch on the film set.
    Also loved her transformation at the beginning

    • Oh yes, that would be really something (…been at the catering truck…). Or on the set…3 women in these suits.
      What a nice view that would be 🙂

  3. Fascinating scene especially at the end when the frogwomen are in the room. Their outfit seems real : heavy and hot. Remember that in this epoch, they required a lot of light on the set to shoot. And remember that tight wetsuits and scuba gears are made to be underwater. So, these rubber ladies are just overheating and that’s better than if they’ve been underwater for real.

    And when I see a double air hose dangling around a frogman neck, I always think he could be strangled with it. What brings you life can give you death. A frogman out of water is an easy target and it’s a real pleasure to see these actors defenseless on the set.

    Thanks a lot !

  4. This frogwoman is almost perfect except she misses flippers and gloves. Walking with flippers ? I guess that when you think about a frogwoman out of water, more hilarious means more sexy. No ?


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