My favorite female scuba fight! – Part 3 – (HD)

And now the big finale of my favorite female scuba fight! Time for payback?!

(click to enlarge)

And here it is, the video in all its HD glory:

My opinion? Just WOW! Great struggle, well made… 🙂

It was time for this payback!

The title of this scubalicious movie:


11 thoughts on “My favorite female scuba fight! – Part 3 – (HD)”

  1. This watery slut was really an atomical blonde.
    Does her male partner on the boat revenge her ? Does somebody in movie ask what happened to her underwater ?
    I think she doesn’t deserve to die in such a bad way. She’s cowardly attacked from behind, her air is stolen, her bomb is stuck on her boobs and she bursts like an inflatable doll. What a nasty death ! This evil secret agent was a gorgeous lady…

  2. There are many problems about this sequence. First, a latex suit is not a realistic cloth for diving : too fragile and not protects from cold. Then, scene is shot in a swimming pool (no life underwater). Last and most important, blonde actress is so alluring above water (a real stylish beauty godess) that we see she’s substituted during the underwater scene stunts. While this movie is a crap, this blonde villainess is a precious jewel. And, I would add that her sneaky temper gives her more charm.

  3. Can someone tell me if the blonde female scuba diver drowned from the other female scuba diver or not, and if there were two other scuba divers?


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