5 tech divers and a deadly scuba accident!?! [Post 1 of 2] + News on Video 25 of Project F

I know about this movie for quite a while since I stumbled upon the cover of the German Bluray.

And as I found out that the main character of the movie is a (female) police diver… I got very thrilled to watch/buy this one 😉

Now, it’s finally time to make the first post about it!

Another one will follow…

Kiki (a female police diver), her brother and parents, and a close family friend wanna get a new dive record. But something goes horribly wrong!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

This is from the German TV airing of the Belgian movie. Don’t know if there is an English dub for it.

I added the second scene to help to clear some of the confusion as it tells some very important facts about the fatal dive.

First of all, it’s a shame that the actual scuba fights/murders aren’t shown at all in the movie.

You have to imagine it with the clues from the later scene which is in the video above.

Kiki and her brother are already at their own record depth and can’t dive any deeper to (potentially) save their parents.

Both ascend too fast, which is no wonder after what they have been through. But they survive… unlike their parents.

Spoiler title
Cezaire who was the fifth guy had some serious issues with the parents of Kiki and he is the killer.

All in all, it’s a nice peril scene, even though most of the action isn’t shown.

Seeing Kiki diving with that gear is a nice treat though!

I will make another video with 2 underwater/dive scenes with her, not much action there… but they are interesting as well!


*EDIT* July 2:

More scenes with her:


Wanna know the movie title?


The whole movie is available to watch for free here… for now (if you are in Germany):


Feel welcome to leave a comment here or on Youtube!



Video 25 of “Project F” has to be postponed, sorry! It may be released in July, but right now I think it will be in August.

All those who are in the VIP club in June (but not in July as well) will receive an additional email with the link, so they can watch it even if they are not in the VIP club in July anymore.

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