Japanese vintage frogwoman wearing a perfect wetsuit on the surface


Got some info, which I forgot about. Added it below…

In this short clip, we have a a pair walking around in awesome vintage wetsuits 🙂



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Here is the video:


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Well…. yeah, sadly the video stops there… don’t know if they actually make it to the water or not.

Their faces got pretty red, guess it was really hot for them 😆

I do LOVE their outfits! That’s a 9 out of 10 for me. Awesome vintage rubber wetsuits and double hose regulators. 🙂

It’s also nice that the woman even has a hood… a nice bonus!

Would certainly love to see more from that episode or movie!

Title info:

The series is called: キイハンター(Keyhunter) and it’s from the 120th episode.


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Evil frogwoman likes to drown women [Mystery movie/TV show]

I have known this scene for a while, and some weeks ago someone asked if I would know the title of the movie/TV show from which these scenes are.

Well, I don’t know the title… but hopefully, this post will solve that mystery as there must be someone out there who knows!

And then, as a next step, it would be perhaps possible to get the whole movie or TV episode in a better picture quality.

Because the picture quality is really bad, especially in the first part.

So, does anyone know the movie title (or TV episode/series title)?


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Here is the video (picture quality does get better after the first minute):

Watch the video before you continue!

With the different picture quality throughout that video, I bet it’s from different sources.

I hope that the whole movie or episode is available out there in a better quality!

I LOVE the concept here with the villainess who puts on scuba gear to let these women disappear as she drowns them by pulling them underwater!

I really must know why she is doing that… and … how she gets caught in the end (most likely).

In my version, a female detective would be after her and then you would have a dramatic scuba battle at the end where the detective finally gets the upper hand and drowns the villainess after a long struggle.

My bet is that she “just” gets arrested… but I wanna know the whole story behind these drownings. Why is she doing that?

Also, the idea that she is doing it so sneakily with her scuba gear hidden in certain places… is really cool.

I guess… IF I can see the movie/episode one day… it will be in Japanese with no dub or subtitles available… but that would already be awesome!

Then I would update this post of course.

So… again:

So, does anyone know the movie title (or TV episode/series title)?

Please leave a comment on YouTube or here.

Do you know these movies/TV shows?

I got a mail from a guy who already recommended me some videos/movies. Thanks to him you got the chance to watch them later on this blog.

He asked if I would know the movies/TV shows to his descriptions and the linked video.

Well, I don’t know them….but maybe YOU do!

Here are extracts from his mail:

1) its basically two women scuba diving, but they find a dead body of another scuba woman (there was a drowning scene of her btw)

anyway i thought i share that with you, don’t know much of the plot cause i was only interesting in the scuba scene.

2) which reminds me, I remember another scuba scene from a japanese drama this time involving three women learning the scuba dive then later while diving their instructor (a guy) suddenly drowns and they investigate. (sorry for the bleak info thats all i could remember)


So….if you know the title to one or both of these two…

…feel welcome to leave a comment!


Mystery movie(tv-scene?) scene – Frogwoman trapped underwater

Hey, perhaps we can solve this mystery together? Does anyone know from which movie or tv-series this scene is?

The picture quality is poor, and the scene is very short! I would love to have this scene in the long cut with better picture quality! (Of course I would post it here… 😉 )


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

*EDIT* Video can be found here (somebody knew the scene):