Japanese vintage frogwoman wearing a perfect wetsuit on the surface


Got some info, which I forgot about. Added it below…

In this short clip, we have a a pair walking around in awesome vintage wetsuits 🙂



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Here is the video:


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Well…. yeah, sadly the video stops there… don’t know if they actually make it to the water or not.

Their faces got pretty red, guess it was really hot for them 😆

I do LOVE their outfits! That’s a 9 out of 10 for me. Awesome vintage rubber wetsuits and double hose regulators. 🙂

It’s also nice that the woman even has a hood… a nice bonus!

Would certainly love to see more from that episode or movie!

Title info:

The series is called: キイハンター(Keyhunter) and it’s from the 120th episode.


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2 thoughts on “Japanese vintage frogwoman wearing a perfect wetsuit on the surface”

  1. “Keyhunter”, a detective/spy series from late sixties to early seventies, as this scene is in color, I guess it must be from the 1970 season


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