Swimmer gets attacked by mysterious female diver!

A special “scuba edited” version for you folks!

A woman enters a lake for a movie scene, she goes underwater as planned….but she doesn’t go up again!

A mysterious frogwoman is attacking her!

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And here is the whole video:


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I really love her scuba outfit! ๐Ÿ™‚ Very hot…

Nice struggle and breathing sounds, BUT…. the camera is way too close!

It’s too shaky and murky for my taste… But all in all one of the good female scuba fight scenes! (rare stuff!)


9 thoughts on “Swimmer gets attacked by mysterious female diver!”

  1. I enjoy watching this video. It shows a young woman who is trying to disrupt the movie that is being produced although we don’t the reason based on the video itself. Even though, she never says anything I believe that she plays her role very well based on how she uses gestures that she makes like how she puts on her mouthpiece and mask on her face. She looks pretty sexy and fits into her scuba outfit very well. I have seen this a number of times and will continue to watch it more.

  2. I clicked on this video and found that it was unavailable so I guess that it was one of those video that was deactivated due to the YouTube complaints. I am sorry about that because I enjoyed watching. I hope that that you will try to get it back and let me put my vote in favor of it coming back. I don’t see anything that wrong with it. Is it on any of your other platforms that don’t have those harsh standards? I noticed that one of the introductory pictures has her chopped off at the top and the bottom with only the torso showing and a more complete picture is needed. I tried to get into some of the other videos and saw that they were deactivated as well. I hope that you can get them back.

    • As you can see on the front page of the blog, my youtbe account got suspended. Right now I am uploading all these videos to a new channel, but that takes time. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And regarding the pictures of her: Well, that was the way the camera filmed her. You will see her more complete in the video (once it is uploaded again).

      • Thanks for the info and getting back to me so quick; I will patiently await the return of your video and I think that they are very good. I also think that a better title for the video would be “The Frogwoman Attacks” but I know that you have your reasons for naming them as you do.

        • Sometimes I just randomly give out titles, hard to not repeat them. I guess “the frogwoman attacks” may already been taken ๐Ÿ˜‰
          However, since you care enough to comment, I re-upload that video already. It is from the early days of the blog, so it would have been one of the last videos to re-upload….
          She wears an incredible sexy wetsuit, so I really love that scene. It would have been even better if the fight scenes wouldn’t have been in a murky lake.


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