The martial arts villainess in a rubber wetsuit

First of all, thanks a lot to the friendly guy who recommended me this scene!

The scene has clearly some minus points….but for a movie from the ’90s, it has a really sexy rubber wetsuit! Yeah, I know…’s not really made out of rubber….very sure it’s smooth skin neoprene…but it sure looks great!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Ok, let’s start with the negative aspects for me. It’s another movie that has scuba divers but doesn’t have one second of scuba diving in it 🙁

In my version, the Yacht would be anchored and would have had some security frogwomen to protect it, so there would be a nice scuba fight before the bad guys enter the yacht. 😉

And also, the villainess/henchwoman surely can kick ass, but well…..she isn’t really attractive. You can see her without the scuba hood at the very end of the video….in case you missed it.

But on the good side…. it’s great to see a woman in such a suit kicking ass! Something really rare….

It seems like she would completely do her own stunts, so I guess she is/was a stunt performer in the first place.

And also….no surprise….I love such wetsuits! You can’t come much closer to a 60’s vintage rubber wetsuit!

And it’s nice that the wetsuit is a little wet in these scenes, it surely looks better that way.

The scene with the fire extinguisher was quite odd. The villainess seemingly thought that she could use her scuba mask as she put it on before checking that closet. And instinctively she managed to kick the princess….ok, she escaped anyway but textbook villain-actor Robert Davi showed up to stop her.

But ok, it’s (supposed to be) a comedy, so I guess they thought let’s spray her with fire extinguisher foam.


Let’s end with a nice thought:

Imagine Luciana Paluzzi (Fiona Volpe in Thunderball) in that suit……… 😉


Wanna know from which movie this is?


What do you think of these scenes?

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9 thoughts on “The martial arts villainess in a rubber wetsuit”

    • Or she is too skiny 😉
      I guess that female wetsuit cuts were already established in the 90’s, so it could fit better for sure.

        • Yeah, good examples.
          I guess the guy/gal who was responsible for the costumes of this movie….messed up…or didn’t care enough.

  1. The wetsuit would have been great, but … it took at least 2-3 sizes smaller. Indeed, looking at how wide it’s on neck, I think they used a men’s model. Cressi has always produced excellent models for women, very close-fitting. Evidently the costume designer didn’t find better than this suit …… too bad

    • Just thought of this:
      Maybe they were afraid the suit would rip if it would be “too tight”.
      After all, she performs some serious martial arts moves that divers normally don’t do 😉
      I mean as she performs these kicks on the steward guy….
      Or perhaps they even had a tighter suit that ripped as she performed the action scenes.

      • That’s a good point, also anyone running round in a thick rubber suit under stage lights could get extremely over heated and dangerously dehydrated, I can’t remember a scene were a woman wore a tight rubber wetsuit and did a lot of exertion on dry land.
        That said she still looked pretty good, had she jumped onto my imaginary yacht, I would have taken the time to stare.


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