An evil frogwoman on treasure hunt [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #16]

Still got more female scuba scenes from Baywatch!

In this one, we have a couple diving to find a certain box. In this box, there are some really nice “stones”.

I had to shorten the video a bit to make it not too long for YouTube (Baywatch videos over 5 minutes got blocked in the past).


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

And if you wanna see what happens to him….and wanna watch a short, but sexy Bonus scene with Carmen Electra in stunning boots:


A good dive scene, she looks good in scuba gear!

A little embarrassing how the very small rubber/plastic shark passed by and then some stock footage of a great white shark followed 😆

Have you noticed that her regulator changes between the beginning and the end (colors)?

Also, her blonde hair clearly looks like a wig.

However, I like her evil spirit…a shame she didn’t get into a scuba fight with some Baywatch folks.

This is the episode:


What do you think of that scene?

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9 thoughts on “An evil frogwoman on treasure hunt [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #16]”

  1. She’s one devious, greedy, and deadly woman, lastly smart too. She know can’t win underwater fight with men. Physically women can’t win a scuba fight with a men. She sneak on behind smart women. I won’t scuba with her especially on treasure hunt.

    • I agree with the first sentence but not whith the 2nd. At least not how it is formulated. Even the average woman may have a smaller chance (not zero) to win a fight VS an average man, there are always chances. If she is trained in underwater combat she would have good chances againt most men. Training, techniques and experience are big factors.
      And if not, you could always start a sneak attack. Like ripping off the mask or cutting the air hose. Such a surprise attack would bring a good chance to win the thing.

      • Agree! Only sneak attack a women diver can able a upperhand on a male diver. There’s hart to hart scuba scene and death is a women scuba scene. Both women have petite and light build body. They use sneaky tactics, but if she approaches that a male diver aware of her presence, then she was discovered, she will not win. Because male has upper body strength than a women. If the a woman diver have same physical body of ronda rousey or serena sister. I would think twice ?. I am not saying women diver are weak in scuba fight. I remember a scene in thunderball when claudia try to help bond inside the boat, largo shove claudia character on the floor can you imagine if she join scuba fight, she will be handicapped on the group. Too bad she did not join ?.

        • “Only sneak attack a women diver can able a upperhand on a male diver” and ” I am not saying women diver are weak in scuba fight”. How are these sentences fit together?
          I agree to disagree with you 😉
          For a scuba fight the pure strength isn’t so important. Speed, technique, experience and training are important. Especially when weapons of any kind are used. And normally a scuba knife is available.

          • Sorry I am not good on sentences ?. I don’t think dive knife is not only available weapon on scuba fight, the bare hand can do much damages too ?. I remember a silk stalking scuba scene, one of my favourite fight. The women is armed with a knife. The male scuba diver just use his bare hand. He defeat the female PI by strength ?. Anyway we can argue all day, I’m just expressing my own humble opinion ?,

  2. I have the exact same wetsuit as the one she’s using lol. I think Body Glove sponsored Baywatch with most of their wetsuits for some of the last seasons.

  3. I have to say that ( though not always the case) I have known a few women that could go toe to toe with a man in a fight , both on land and underwater, one of them was physically strong enough to do this, the others were just psychotic enough to fight to the end. As my mother used to say
    “ it’s not the beast in the fight , it the fight in the beast that counts”
    I have seen small guys beat bigger guys in a fight for real.
    Hell in movies the hero is always physically outclassed by the baddies yet he manages to win. I don’t see why that rule doesn’t work for women as well


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