The sneaky frogwoman in rubber!

This one is actually kind of a re-upload to this blog.

I uploaded this one several years ago, but the scuba cut I made was always blocked on Youtube, so decided to solve that problem by making two videos!

One short video in which you can see the sexy frogwoman on the surface gearing up and underwater.

In this version, the scene with her on the boat is shorter, and the fight between the frogmen is completely out.

The long version with around 8 minutes will be on google drive.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the short video:

And here is the XXL version, with more footage of her on the boat and with the frogmen fight:


*EDIT* Re-uploaded WITH subtitles!

If you have visited this site from time to time you may know my first complaint:

The missing color! Wetsuits and underwater scenes look so much better in color!

And in my version that sneaky frogwoman wouldn’t escape the scuba fight.

In my version, she would fight alongside him, battling the 2 evil frogmen. One would rip the scuba mask of the good guy off. While he is searching after it they would attack her. She would finish one off but the second would cut her air hose. She would try hard to get his regulator. In the end, she would survive together with the hero.

But on the good side, she looks great in that rubber wetsuit with the double hose regulator. A great example of sexy vintage scuba gear!

This is the movie in which you can find these scenes:


What do you think of these scenes?

How would you have changed the story to show more of her underwater?

Leave your comment below!

15 thoughts on “The sneaky frogwoman in rubber!”

  1. The opening sequence with the underwater kill is exciting and I think we’d all love to see the others…it’s a pre Thunderball Thunderball

    • Yes, the scene is good in my opinion too, but besides the color the other scenes are missing the most essential ingredient to be on this blog.
      The “woman” in frogwoman 😉

  2. Understand….but it leads to the scene you showed above…especially the longer scene…there’s a woman in a suit on the boat etc….

  3. Damn!!! He’s mad ? at her leaving him down there, almost died. I would be mad by her by leaving me down there. Karma is a bitch, she seem to sick by surfacing with a deco stop. In my scenario I would slap her and rip her wetsuit off and have _____ her in the boat. Well she’s smart to leave the fight, she can’t win a scuba fight with a man ?. In my opinion.

    *edited* by Siggi…Reason: ….things you can think but shouldn’t write in public places 😉

  4. Appreciate very much the second clip….shame I don’t speak French….would love to understand the conversation on the boat before the dive….and more importantly, the conversation after the underwater hit….looks like she knew someone was going to get popped below……any other underwater scenes

    Love the scenes and most importantly, love your site and what you provide to all your loyal fans!!!


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