Rubber frogwoman VS evil frogmen [Blog exclusive]

Time to make another post about this early TV show!

More here:

…and from the same episode:

Youtube didn’t like videos from that show so I won’t upload it there.



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And here is the video:


Watch the video before you continue!

Again…. like I said in the last post: What I would give to have that scene in color…..

There are 4 seasons of this TV show. 3 of them were filmed in color. Sadly this is also from the first season 🙁

However, these scenes are great! How often you can see a surface fight scene with a rubber frogwoman? That is VERY rare!

Ok, if you see the scene in slow motion you may notice that it looks like she is smiling a bit too much as she is attacked 😆

Perhaps the actress did find the scene hilarious or she couldn’t hide her smile cause she was enjoying it… well, we will never know.

Also, she is way too passive, especially underwater. Yeah, her role was pretty helpless, but well it was the 60s, absolutely standard procedure 🙁

I envy the guy

Would have loved to see her in a scuba fight, but no luck.

But the scuba action with the frogmen was really good.

It is interesting that her wetsuit jacket has a different color than the pants…. she certainly looks great in it!

All in all a great episode… a shame that this was already the majority of female scuba scenes in the entire show.

Wanna know from which episode this was?


What do you think of that scene?

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5 thoughts on “Rubber frogwoman VS evil frogmen [Blog exclusive]”

  1. Great scene!! ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’ was a great TV series!! Loved it when I was a kid, bought the box set a couple of years ago, they don’t make them like this anymore.. 😢😢

    • Yeah, scuba scenes in general are already hard(er) to find and TV shows with such big scuba sections haven’t been made for a while.
      I guess the new Flipper TV show was the last one with a huge amount of scuba scenes.


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