Frogwoman VS 5 male divers! [aka How to totally ruin a great setting]

A nice guy recommended me a movie:

“…. and it involves one female diver against 4 male divers. The female diver also surfaces and fights men on a boat.”

Well, for a moment I was really thrilled! A female diver fights against 4 male divers??? Or even 5 if I’m counting right… Sounds great, sounds awesome!

But then I thought…. well, why don’t I know that scene after 900 years of searching for such scenes? And I got a really bad feeling…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is a preview:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video from hell:

Well….. OH MY GOD!!! Or rather… WTF!!!

Ok, you have a frogwoman heroine and several evil divers…. and they actually do fight underwater…. and THIS is the result of the filming?


I’m not sure if I should laugh my ass off or break down in tears…. or both.

A perfect example of how to totally ruin potential great scenes ๐Ÿ™

Some folks (not me) are complaining that the scuba battles in Thunderball are too long and “slow” as the water slows down the action.

I also remember that the director of the Thunderball remake “Never say never again” was also no fan of underwater fights.

So, perhaps the director of this “movie” thought about how he could make these fights more intense and with more speed (in his opinion).

And his solution was seemingly to just increase the playback speed… of many action scenes (even on land).

Well, the result is laughably bad… in my opinion… and totally ruins these scenes.

The murky water is also a problem and they seemingly had no underwater lights at all…

In the end, I can’t enjoy these underwater fights at all and am really annoyed afterward.

The wetsuit of the frogwoman is uninteresting and very loose… I guess so the actress/stunt woman could do her martial arts moves. Quite a turn-off.

I’m 99% sure that these scenes were partially cut, as we don’t see the first two frogmen get hit by the spear, but well…. cut or not cut… all hope is lost here.


Oddly enough a german DVD of this “movie” is released in a few days for very little money, guess I will buy that one for the scuba collection as a perfect example on how to NOT do a scuba fight scene.

There are no more scuba scenes with her in this one.

Wanna know the title of this insane flick?


What do you think of these scenes?

Let me know and post a comment!




6 thoughts on “Frogwoman VS 5 male divers! [aka How to totally ruin a great setting]”

  1. Well… i agree with you. So much potential wasted. But at least a frogwoman who knows how to dispatch frogmen. And the underwater throat cuts are not to bad, if you slow down the speed a little.

    I wonder if this setting could be a blueprint for your next Project F….

    • Well, I guess finding male volunteers for those roles would be quite easy and I think some would even pay to have such a role ๐Ÿ˜‰
      In general, a frogwoman fighting against several enemies would be great… even that won’t be easy to realize… perhaps in a later shooting when I have more experience.
      Next time I rather concentrate on 1 vs 1 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I wachted the clip a couple of times now. Once you get used to the downers it is not that bad. At least we got a lot of scuba fighting action with a superior frogwoman, wich is rare. I have ordered the DVD to check if the quality is a little bit better…. but it is not…

    • Yeah, indeed a rare setting with her killing all these frogmen. Perhaps the only scene that I know where one frogwoman kills so many enemies…
      Well, at least the DVD was very cheap for a newly released one. I will order that one too for the collection.


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