The EPIC final scuba battle – Part 1

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And now, let’s turn to the most famous, legendary, EPIC final scuba battle between Largo and his SPECTRE divers VS Bond and the Navy divers! We have an underwater battle with around 40-50 (!!!) scuba divers…there is no movie that ever had (or will have) an underwater battle of such an epic proportion.

Let’s start with a little poll. If you could participate in that battle….would you be….

….and think about: Which team you wanna be in, which gear do you wanna wear and which gear your opponents will wear.


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The Story:

Largo and his SPECTRE divers are on their way to bring one of the bombs in position near Miami. Better equipped than the Navy divers that drop in by parachute, they have a mini-submarine with a lot of firepower and several underwater “scooters”(?) that are equipped with spear guns as well. But the good guys have James Bond and his speeding underwater gadget on their side. And as always…James Bond makes the difference!

It’s pretty hard to keep track at the beginning, with so much happening in the background as well, but the Navy divers have a lot of casualties at first. The SEPCTRE frogmen use their spear guns in combination with their underwater vehicles’ weaponry to their advantage. And even after that, the Navy divers seem to lose much more men than the SPECTRE frogmen. That changes as Bond enters the scene! He rips off scuba masks, unarms SPECTRE frogmen, cuts air hoses, and uses the speargun of his underwater gadget to kill several divers.

The tide of the battle turns and Largo and his frogmen are on the losing side now….

My thoughts on this first part of the underwater battle:

I first saw this as a young teenager I guess and was thrilled immediately. There had been scuba fights before in the movie, but only with Bond VS one enemy diver.

But the scale of the battle was (and still is) really something spectacular! So many divers, so many “one on one”-fights, great scuba gadgets and so many different ways how the scuba divers killed each other. Divers who drop in the ocean on their parachutes…..WOW! I heard that the film crew asked around the divers about ways that divers could kill an enemy. And they sure dug up a lot of different ways! Very creative…

And I really envy the scuba divers that participated in that battle. How often do you get the chance to do such a thing?

And the timing for that battle was perfect. They had the really sexy 60’s dive gear. Rubber wetsuits, double hose regulators!

If you would do a remake of these scenes in normal modern dive gear….that wouldn’t be half as good.

And the battle was very well prepared. You have water with good visibility and you can clearly separate the teams: Good guys=red / bad guys=black. That’s how you do it! I have seen many scuba fights in murky water where you sometimes have to guess which diver is on which side. The gear is often far too similar and the divers have pretty much the same equipment (often).


After watching this battle…my interest in scuba scenes started. And I wasn’t alone in that. I read that the movie really influenced a lot of people. The scuba teachers had a lot of students after that.

I imagined myself in such scuba gear and I wanted to see more scenes like that. But without the internet, that wasn’t so easy for me back in the ’90s.

And I was always interested in learning to scuba dive myself. Finally, in 2013 I made my diving license.


Weird/funny/strange aspects of this first part of the underwater battle:


1) The disappearing parachute gear

And even the hood, that they wore above the water vanishes…

It would have been interesting to see how the divers get out of the parachute harnesses…. (better than Angelo from his harness ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

But ok, that would have slowed down the action. The drop in and get ready to face the SPECTRE divers.


2) The diver-driver and his bubbling signals?

Hmh, in scenes with the submarine, you sometimes see that the diver who actually drives the sub, seems “to lose” air from his left hand. Why? Is that some sort of signal for the other divers?

Pretty mysterious…I guess that was a signal element, what else could it be?


3) The SPECTRE diver and his disappearing hood!

Yeah, one of the many “connecting errors” of the movie. Nothing bad, just funny.


4) Largo really loves to cut air hoses!

Well, after Largo drowned Angelo, the imposter pilot by cutting his air hose he now continues to go for the air hoses. And this time his opponent is strapped in a jammed harness….

The scene starts late, as we see that Largo already ripped off the scuba mask of his opponent. He now cuts his air hose but lets him escape to the surface….

The only time we actually witness that a modern single hose gets cut in the movie…..


5) James Bond enters the fight and leaves a trail in the ocean…

I heard that they used the “color”(?) to show the speed he has with his underwater drive. Well, it works, we see that he is really fast!

But at the same time, we wonder: Why the color in the movie? Does Bond wanna show that he is there and SPECTRE can surrender now? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Actually, he uses the speed of his drive just once….for a “grab the scuba mask”-drive-by.


6) They robbed this poor dead SPECTRE diver!

Even during a scuba battle…it seems that there are thieves who like to steal equipment. This dead SPECTRE frogman has no fins….. (and no tank/regulator?)

I guess they ran out of equipment for that dummy…


7) Please cut my air hose!

Bond doesn’t wanna fall behind Largo in terms of air hose cuts…. He spots two divers that attack one Navy diver. He grabs the air hose of the first one. He stretches it…no reaction at all. He cuts it, the diver swims to the surface (if he makes it). He grabs the air hose of the second guy, he too doesn’t react at all. He floats in the water like a puppet and is waiting for Bond to cut his air hose.

Pretty sexy scene, but weird…


8) Bond and the weird weapon that explodes on a SPECTRE diver

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Bonds seems to have two weapons on his underwater drive. A harpoon (which comes to action later) and this thingy. Strange that it wasn’t explained to the audience as Q presented the gear to Bond….

Something hits the diver (a device with a long cable? picture 3) and the poor guy is killed right away. Seems like some sort of explosive was involved…

The stunt guy who played the diver was actually hurt pretty bad, they underestimated the blast.


9) SPECTRE divers get smashed…

A very ….creative scene with a spectacular ending!


10) Underwater fights arouse some folks….

Well, I know that watching the scuba fights already makes….well….something hard in the pants of some men.

And actually being in such a rubber wetsuit, breathing on a regulator, and fighting other divers…..Hmh, it’s no big surprise that this diver is really thrilled to fight the SPECTRE guy. To finish him off somehow…

Diving around in such gear is already…very interesting.

I wonder how many scenes like that didn’t make it in the movie. But this one wasn’t cut out…


Female divers in that underwater battle?

I always fantasized about female divers in that scene. Especially in the SPECTRE team…imagine Fiona Volpe (aka Lucianna Paluzzi) in a black rubber wetsuit, with double hose regulator.

Fighting against other divers. OH my GOD! That would be so awesome.

And she would wear this mask (Technisub mistral) as an upgrade (leader of the female squad):

(click to enlarge for a full view)

Just imagine how she would fill out that suit….

Or even more, fighting women on both sides.  But, with the female role in the mid-’60s…I guess the producers didn’t think much about it.

And to find some women who could play in an action underwater scene. I guess there weren’t so many back then that could have done that.


So, enough from me….

Your comments on these scenes?

Leave your comment below!





20 thoughts on “The EPIC final scuba battle – Part 1”

  1. The final scuba battle is the ultimate in scuba warfare. Ive lost count of the times that battle has got my cock rock hard and wet, and drained my ballsack of cum….

  2. The big combat scene is the highlight of the entire movie, so arousing to see that many divers in tight wetsuits so close together, engaging one another after the initial speargun fight. Bond cutting the airhoses of the two Spectre frogman directly after one another is a bit weird, they don’t even try to defend themselves against him, but rather hold still and wait for Bond to slice their hoses.
    Then the aroused navy diver in 1:1 with a Spectre driver.. I can fully understand why he’s fully aroused himself in that scene, I’d be rock hard myself when in battle with such a black-suited diver myself. Probably hoping that he’d spare me for some time and rather be interested in some “action” together…

    • To give the navy diver all the pleasure he needs for his rock hard cock is a second Spectre diver, who holds him from his back. So the Spectre diver in front of him could slide down his rubber pants and milk off his cock.

      • Imagine a group of horny SPECTRE divers corner one unfortunate Navy diver, suddenly helpless and fearful as they pounce and restrain him, then decide to have their fun before they decide to end him with a knife.

  3. My favourite scenes are when the spectre frogmen get wasted……they make my cock harder than a speargun….I love to masturbate to these scenes….and always shoot a big load of hot ball juice over the scuba kills…nasty but thats how it is…

      • The scuba battle is intensely sexual and exciting. I mean you have maybe 40 or 50 frogmen clad in skintight neoprene wetsuits, coating their bodies like a second skin. Tight neoprene dive hoods make the spectre men even more sinister. The men explode into each other, nailing men with spear bolts, shanking other guys with razor sharp dive knives, slitting airhoses and drowning other guys….other frogmen die by underwater explosives, are crushed beneath steel or are strangled…Bond turns the tide of the battle, killing so many spectre men the spectre frogman team virtually ceases to exist..sexually potent spectre frogmen killed and transformed into useless lifeless corpses, little more than rotting rubbish to be buried after the battle….just the thought of it gets me rock hard and makes me need to work my cock until my balls empty….

        • love this movie. and love the words above which are all too true. the sex and death connection is very close for me too. i always wanted to be one of the actors and get taken out. the thought of being clad in skin-tight neoprene and ‘killed’ – speared, knifed, blown up, crushed to death – by an opponent really does it for me. reading the above only heightens my desire… to think of myself, sexually potent, reduced to a piece of lifeless rubbish…

  4. The poor dead Spectre diver who has no fins and no regulator has been robbed by another diver, who has lost his fins during the battle. He saw the dead diver and took off his fins and slipped in it. This imagination makes my cock rock Hard.

  5. Great to see a good HD upload of the battle scene by the way. This first part is a favourite of mine because the Spectre lads are having most of the fun.I was on their side from the moment I first saw this movie on the big screen!.

      • Yeah, he does. Before he fins down, the Spectre men manage to get a lot of kills ( nice ) and then he’s in the way LOL. Some of the troopers were quite happy engaged in killing spectre divers and Bond comes aong and spoils it for them by just ripping away their masks.

  6. I love how the Spectre frogmen realize that they are losing the battle and they they become desperate as
    they fight for their lives !!!

  7. This film is great. The fact that they were able to do all this 60 years ago is nothing short of magnificent. It is hard to find people my age (20s) who know about this film, let alone care about its aesthetics, or even diving in general. But it’s good that the film has an online cult following. And what’s amazing is that the film is still so stylish – I love the SPECTRE divers’ gear, the midnight black colour scheme, their double hose twinsets, I prefer it over modern diving gear despite the increased convenience modern gear brings. I do quite like the navy divers’ blue masks though, very distinctive and iconic. I would love to dive in gear like theirs someday, maybe joined by one or two navy frogmen ๐Ÿ˜› Long live Thunderball and vintage diving.

    • Yeah, the SPECTRE gear basically sets the gold standard for stylish and sexy scuba gear.
      That’s why I got such vintage gear for my Project F videos ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Even I “cheat” here and there and some things just look vintage.


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