Two women and their rubber vintage wetsuits… [UPGRADE – Hall of Fame]

So, time for another UPGRADE post!

The old post had a video with DVD quality (SD), the new video has FULL HD from the Blu-ray of the movie!

This was the old post:

It’s always very welcome when such old movies with such scenes get a Blu-ray release and/or an HD TV airing as it’s a great improvement.

Now, this scene also finally gets an entry in my Hall of Fame …in the wetsuit section.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

(isn’t welcome on Youtube)

Damn, how MUCH I envy that guy! And the film crew….

Ok, I am not the biggest fan of the collars on their suits and the same goes for their bathing caps.

But besides that…they look …quite….AWESOME! These tight, wet rubber wetsuits are incredibly sexy for me.

Not to forget the stunning ladies inside these suits 😉

If I would be that guy….there would be a second tent on that camping site very quickly, and that one wouldn’t need to be assembled 😆

Don’t know how I would manage to stay in my role if I would be the actor. I mean you can maybe think about taxes and golf…and try to NOT watch in their direction, but that won’t work for long.

Of course, it would have been great to have these two in a scuba scene, no luck there.

Nevertheless, this scene is an absolute classic!

And as a little bonus (thanks to allmanzor!) here is a nice picture of them on set:

“Come on Joe, keep their wetsuits wet!”

What a job…..

And here you can find the name of the movie:


What do you think of that scene?

Leave your comment below!

2 thoughts on “Two women and their rubber vintage wetsuits… [UPGRADE – Hall of Fame]”

  1. The collars are weird but the suit and masks look amazing on these ladies, I don’t mind the black swimming cap coz it almost looks like a dive hood.
    ( I’m not a fan of the pink one) I agree there should have been a scuba scene with these ladies, that would have been great. In the film the male character just doesn’t seem to get how sexy they look, in reality the actor Rock Hudson, was gay in real life ( though this was a closely guarded secret at the time) so I guess he didn’t think they looked that sexy either, fortunately there was someone who appreciated just how sexy the ladies looked, and that was the actresses who played them, from what I hear Paula Prentice and Charlene Holt thought they looked amazing dressed like this and I heard they tried to get more screen time in them. Those feisty ladies were soo ahead of there time and have my total respect.


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