The martial arts frogwoman from hungary

First of all thanks to the guy who recommended me a video from this TV show and also to Scuba Snooper who uploaded a video from it on youtube!

I asked for the title of the untitled video and not only got the title but the link for the whole episode!

Couldn’t ask for anything more….. 🙂

I checked the whole episode and found a lot more interesting scenes, so I decided to make my own version with all the female scuba scenes below and above the surface.

But enough text for now, let’s start with some pictures:


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

So, I don’t understand Hungarian (surprise!)…but from what I understand of the episode so far…some villains are searching in that lake for treasure.

One of the evil guys turns against the other one and drowns him as he finds something (a rather disappointing scene).

The dead frogman gets found by the police. For some reason, the TV show’s lead actress gets her hands on his wetsuit and starts wearing that men’s suit.

We can clearly see that it doesn’t fit her very well as she is surprised by that guy. Logically it’s pretty loose. (DAMN!)

One of the good guys has to help the bad guys in recovering the treasure (the guy in the full-face scuba mask).

They decide to get rid of him and close the valve so he doesn’t get any oxygen while being trapped underwater!

Lucky for him our frogwoman shows up just in time.

But she has to fight off the evil guy in the red wetsuit first. As she is a trained martial arts expert…she uses her elbow to hit him right in the face, seemingly breaking his nose.

Of course, there are some minus points. Her wetsuit is way too loose, the visibility is rather bad, and the a language problem. A shame the villainess doesn’t dive at the end and is only be seen exiting the water in her blue wetsuit very early on. Would have been great to have the two frogwomen fighting against each other at the end of the episode.

But this episode has a LOT to offer! Some great vintage wetsuits and nice diving scenes. Also, I like how the villains try to drown that guy, a really hideous way….

The highlight is of course the scuba fight where our frogwoman has to face the evil guy in the red wetsuit! It could have been longer, but I really like the intensity. Filming through her scuba mask for a second or two was an awesome idea! Don’t know why that wasn’t done more often.

Also, it’s great that she let out some “grunting” noises to illustrate the intensity of the fight as she has to defend herself against his scuba knife.

Guess you may wanna know from which TV show and episode this is? Here you go:


So, what do YOU think of these scenes?

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5 thoughts on “The martial arts frogwoman from hungary”

  1. I really enjoyed the clip. The fight scenes were interesting and I especially liked the scene where the female martial artist was in the house wearing a wetsuit and double tanks and looked at herself in the mirror as if she was admiring how she looked in her gear. Don’t see that so often. This suggests that women might be conscious of how extra sexy they look in scuba gear. A point that seems to be unacknowledged in american films.

    I also liked the scene when she rescues the drowning male diver. Underwater air sharing scenes are always exciting and it is usually the woman who gets that vital life saving rescue breath . It was exhilarating to see a female diver rescuing a male diver in such a way.

    • Yeah, indeed, some real rare things to see in that episode 🙂
      I wish she would have only had a wetsuit that would fit to her body and not that one she got from the dead diver.
      But these wetsuits are expensive and hard to get I imagine in hungary in the 80’s.
      So, I think she very happy to get it.

  2. I appreciate the including of grunting during the struggle, too many scenes like these are silent or have too much music. Just wish there was a little more struggle or an unlucky female character. But her enemy looked like he had a good grip during that right, must have realized pretty quickly it wasn’t a man!

    • Yeah, scene could have been longer.
      But it was intense and after all…..those man vs woman scuba fights are quite rare after all.
      So, I am very happy about discovering this old hidden gem!

      • Loved the fight but damn she looked sexy in that wetsuit and gear, best of all she knew she looked sexy in all that gear, you also get the bonus of seeing her strip it off ( in the background ) and all unzipped at the end, the fight underwater and on land were both very hot.


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