“Vintage Double Hose Trial” by Vicky Devika

Today I wanna present another smoking hot video from Vicky Devika!

Some months ago I already presented 5 videos of her where she wore stunning outfits and used all sorts of different scuba masks.

In these videos, some great fantasies of mine come to life, and I am sure that many of you will love these videos as well!

Today I wanna present the video “Vintage Double Hose Trial”.


Official description:

Getting a real double hose scuba regulator has been a dream of mine for such a long time now. I don’t know why, but this idea of being a hot sexy vintage frogwoman just turns me on a lot.

I’m in the process of rebuilding a vintage double hose reg and I just acquired a set of new reproduction hoses and a Voit mouthpiece for it. I was really eager to try the double hose, so I devised a hack to use my old single hose reg as a double hose, and I eagerly jumped in the pool to try it out!!

Watch this very happy frogwoman blowing bubbles and sucking on that vintage double hose regulation, all dressed in tight rubber, with assorted original vintage rubber fins and a vintage oval dive mask by US Divers.

Here are some images from the video:


And a preview snippet:

In comparison to the other videos I presented here this video is more “harmless” as she this time “only” dives around without giving herself up to her desires 😉

But it is an awesome video for several reasons:

Vicky + scuba diving + vintage double hose regulator + a stunning latex suit


For me, those are more than enough reasons to get this video!

Interestingly this movie seems to be shot in a large hotel pool.

In the beginning, you can hear voices for some seconds…. on the headphone at least.

And near the end, you see some buildings behind the pool that clearly seem to belong to a hotel complex.

That brings me to some interesting thoughts:

For obvious reasons this video doesn’t show explicit sexual content as the folks from the hotel would call the police…if they would realise what is going on underwater. 😉

Still, even the hotel seems very empty as there are no folks visible in the video….I wonder how it would be to shoot in such a location.

I mean dressing up in latex and using scuba gear in a public pool…..isn’t exactly “normal”, it takes some guts to do it.

I wonder how many folks were there that witnessed the shooting and how they reacted to it.

Even the place was very empty…there must have been some folks who witnessed it as the shooting takes a lot more time than the actual duration of the video.

*EDIT* As you can read in the comments to this post it wasn’t shot in a hotel pool as Vicky herself commented.

Check the comments for more info!


Of course, I have several ideas on how you could add some more peril to this scenario…..

Here are the important links for you:

“Vintage Double Hose Trial” on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika’s website/links

What do you think of her unusual scuba gear and this scenario?

You are welcome to post a comment!

5 thoughts on ““Vintage Double Hose Trial” by Vicky Devika”

  1. Thanks so much for the great review! Shooting this clip was a LOT of fun, as usual. I’d like to offer additional insight on the shoot location. It’s not a hotel but actually the condo complex where I live. Usually when I shoot I rent out a private pool but this time around I was just so excited and eager to try the double hose, I figured I’d just use the pool downstairs. Needless to say getting up to no good and touching myself the way I usually do was not a possibility I the communal pool, for the reasons you mentioned. I don’t think my neighbors nor the condo association would love hearing about my kinky underwater antics! ?

    • Thanks a lot for this little insight Vicky!
      Not bad to have such a pool there when you leave your home…
      Especially as it is rather large.
      In this case some of the neigbors had quite a view!
      A pretty bold move to gear up like that in the neigborhood 🙂

  2. I am very excited by the videos of that girl in that tight diving suit, I would like to meet a girl so dive with me, it would be incredible.


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