The frogwoman, the U-boat and nazi gold

So, one last post for 2020!

In this episode of Flipper, we have plenty of diving scenes. And they involve a sunken U-boat and nazi gold!

Besides the main scene at the end of the episode, I will post here another one that is placed a little earlier in the episode.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Yeah, a nice scuba scene! I like her wetsuit and her FFM.

Also, the fact that they get trapped there while the bomb is ticking is a solid peril scenario.

In my version, the two would have encountered 3 or 4 evil male and female scuba divers who would want that gold for themselves. 😉

And then an epic scuba battle in the U-boat would begin…..

But well, perhaps next time….

As a little bonus I wanna present the scuba scene in which the bomb was planted as well:

Both scenes can be found in this episode:


What do you think about these scenes?

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2 thoughts on “The frogwoman, the U-boat and nazi gold”

  1. Great scuba action! Nice wetsuits and love seeing a woman in double tanks!

    As in all but a very few underwater shows, the rescue scene is always lacking in authenticity! They cut short the peril that they set up. I would have loved it if there was no bomb and the woman follows the man in the wreck. She gets greedy about the gold and over stays her bottom time. Then the issue of getting trapped in the wreck and dwindling air supply becomes the focus of the peril. Maybe they would fight each other for the last of their air and begin to drown together. Or either one of them drowns and the other gets rescued only to have to face life with the trauma of a near death experience and the guilt that they caused the death of their partner.

    I know that would not be a PG rating suitable for flipper tv shows.

    I am intrigued with the movie clips from Breaking surface. From what I saw they have really created a very authentic scenario and added the real intensity of the trapped sisters distress and desperation to keep from the trapped one from the horrific fate of drowning .

    I don’t know if it will ever be available to see in the US


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