Frogwomen Alice and Caity in “Scuba Combat Training 1” (Full Face Mask edition) – [18th video of Project F – 3rd video shoot]

So, it’s time for the first video of the 3rd video shoot of “Project F”!

In this video, Frogwomen Alice and Caity are practicing their scuba combat skills in Full Face Masks.

There are 4 rounds in this video and they swap the FFMs after the second round.

Caity starts with the modern OTS Guardian and Alice with the vintage Technisub mask.


Frogwomen Alice and Caity in “Scuba Combat Training 1” (Full Face Mask edition), 1080p, 60 frames, 2:20 minutes


Some preview pictures:

(click to enlarge)


+ a short teaser:

Background info:

This scuba combat training scenario is a good scenario to film in between the more complicated ones.

The two only got very few instructions so it didn’t take long to film this, which leaves more time for other scenarios.

Both Frogwomen here are experienced divers with over 50 dives (Caity) and over 120 dives (Alice), so this is the video with the most experienced divers so far in this Project.

For Caity, it was her first video shoot, and for Alice her second with Project F as she was in the very first one as well.

As you may know, I’m a big fan of the Technisub FFM and it’s the first time here it was used in a scuba fight video (in this Project).

Both frogwomen mentioned that it is rather hard to breathe in it, especially in comparison to the OTS Guardian.

Well, I wasn’t surprised, as the Technisub mask is around 60 years old…. the modern OTS Guardian has far more comfort to offer.

The OTS Guardian was used for the first time here as I bought it some weeks ago. A rather big investment (even if I bought a used one), but I think the mask looks great 🙂

The Elios suit is one of my favorites, but I really like the Cressi Free Lady suit as well… the black/silver-grey combo looks awesome in my opinion.

I was lucky to get one for a reasonable price, even if it is size S. Now I found the right frogwoman for it, Caity fits into it perfectly.

One “problem” with these FFMs is that they limit the possibilities in a scuba fight. It’s not possible to just yank them off easily like a normal scuba mask or a regulator.

Both are strapped tightly on the face and to pull such a mask off an opponent is rather complicated… maybe we will try that in the future.

The way Alice defeated Caity in round 2 was fully improvised by Alice, it was a fun idea, rather unconventional 😆

The OTS Guardian has a valve to breathe “fresh” air when you are on the surface… we will need to test that feature the next time underwater when an enemy diver opens it 😉

For the first time, frogwomen are wearing gloves in a Project F video.

*EDIT* February 16:

You will now find a second version of this video as well in the VIP Club.

Same video footage but with added music and sound effects from the cult video game “Streetfighter 2” 😉

….just a BONUS for the VIP club members, doesn’t count as an official video!


I used some filters (10% more brightness in gamma and gain, text).


Where to watch it?

The video will be available again in the VIP club in July alongside the other content….as it is under 4 minutes of running time!

Here is a quick overview of the content of this month:


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It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money:

All that scuba gear, location rent, and the money for the frogwomen and the safety diver.

If I don’t make enough money with these videos….. I won’t be able to make new videos at some point.

I hope you appreciate these videos and want to see more in the future!

After all, you get 6 Project F videos this month (February) + additional content for just 10 euros (or even less per month if you get into the VIP club for more than one month).

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Also, I do hope that the amount of VIP club members will be higher with the current price as it would be with a higher price.

The rotation periods for each video will get a little longer though. When a video leaves the VIP club it will be out for at least 4 months.

But still, there will be 5-6 Project F videos in it each month 😉

What’s next?

I will post 5 to 6 more videos from this video shoot in the upcoming months.

One more on February 24 and then 2 more new ones each month.

Around June I wanna have the next video shoot to make more videos… if things go according to plan.

A frogwoman in a black vintage style Elios wetsuit and Technisub FFM – [Post 2][Reco]

1st post for today, one more will follow!

4 months ago I made a post about her stunning pictures on Instagram:

Time to do another one because she makes excellent images with such awesome scuba gear 🙂

Some of the new photos:

(click on the picture to enlarge it to full size)

I imagine walking around a lake and seeing a frogwoman in that gear.

Certainly, a walk to remember!

Make sure you follow her on Insta for more pictures:


Also, don’t forget to follow the Frogwoman Org Insta channel:

A frogwoman in a black vintage style Elios wetsuit and Technisub FFM – [Reco]

Just a quick post for today as I don’t have enough time.

Many of you will know this Instagram account by now, but for those who don’t, check out her Instagram account …and also her Youtube channel (linked on her Insta):

A preview:

(click to enlarge)

Well, I mentioned several times how much I love that Technisub FFM and that Elios suit is a great addition!

The same type of Elios suit was used on the first video I published for “my Project F” last year.

This mask is similar but don’t have the side mounting like mine has, here the regulator gets connected in the center piece of the mask.

All in all a really great assembly of scuba gear!

She would certainly be a great frogwoman for the SPECTRE scuba team 🙂

What do you think of this gear and her pictures?

Leave a comment below!

Angelo is testing vintage scuba gear [8th video of Project F]

[2nd video for today]

Today I wanna present another video of Project F!

A very special one without any frogwomen for a change.


Angelo is testing vintage scuba gear, 1080p, 60 frames, 7:52 minutes

Angelo, the imposter (from Thunderball), is testing scuba gear to be prepared for his Vulcan bomber hijack 😉

A Royal Mistral double hose regulator

A Royal Mistral double hose regulator connected to a Technisub FFM

A Royal Mistral double hose regulator connected to a RAF oxygen mask


Some preview pictures:

(click to enlarge)


As you guys may know I rented that house for that first video shooting of “Project F”.

In the first hours, I wanted to try some gear that I never tried in a pool or lake before.

At first, I didn’t think about making a video out of it for sale as there are no frogwomen in this video.

Then I thought I would make a short video out of it for the VIP club, but since there are no frogwomen in this one… many might not be interested in it.

So, I made a longer video out of it that can be bought individually.


Yeah, I know not every piece of equipment would have been available to Angelo in 1965, but the regulator, the FFM, and the oxygen mask are all original vintage gear from the ’60s and ’70s.

In all scenes, Angelo is wearing a Mares Apnea Instinct wetsuit (smooth skin).

In the first segment, he is using a Royal Mistral double hose regulator.

In the second segment, he is using the Royal Mistral connected to a Technisub FFM.

In the last segment, he is using an RAF oxygen mask. The same type as in the movie. 😉

I was REALLY curious to see if the mask would work properly underwater connected to an oxygen tank. And yeah it did very well!


By the way: In the middle of the video I realize that my fins have damaged that foil that was attached to the pool walls and take them off there.

And yeah, Angelo could lose 5-7 kilos more 😆

Also, Angelo had more hair in the movie 😉


So, perhaps some of you will find this interesting, even there are no frogwomen in the video.



There is a slight audio issue in this video as I positioned the camera underwater on a plastic platform (counter-current system that wasn’t working at that time).

From time to time, you will hear some minor noise. Like very short “bumps”. No serious issue, but for that, I will reduce the price slightly.


I used the same filters as before (white balance, 10% more brightness in the shadows, text).

The original/raw footage was about some minutes longer but contained some footage where we discussed some aspects in between the shots.

You can download these videos, but only for your personal use.

Don’t share them with anyone…. anywhere!

It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money, especially on scuba gear and location rent.

A lot of my …limited… savings were used up for that.

If I don’t make enough money with these videos…..I won’t be able to make new videos.

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The first video of Project F can now be found….

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These videos won’t be there all at once all the time but in some sort of rotation. For example: Video X in January, Video A in January, Video Q in February, Video B in February etc.

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So, for starters, I wanna present a video where Frogwoman Alice is doing a little test dive in the pool with my favorite vintage FFM, the Technisub FFM (aka La Spirotechnique).

The mask gets oxygen from a Royal Mistral vintage double hose regulator.

She is wearing an Elios vintage style beavertail smooth skin wetsuit with matching hood and neoprene socks…also from Elios.


Technisub FFM test dive, 1080p, 60 frames, 3:10 minutes

I have mentioned the difficulties we had to face during the shooting (lighting, camera settings, no fins possible, etc.).

So, the picture quality is ok but could be better for sure.

I will work on that for the 2nd shooting.

And I will then include more close-ups and above the surface shots 😉


Some preview pictures:

The picture quality in the video does actually look a little better than the screenshots

(click to enlarge)

A short trailer that also includes scenes from this video:

This was a very much improvised video that I edited together from 2 videos.

The gear that Frogwoman Alice is wearing is near perfection for me!

The Technisub FFM is an old favorite of mine in combination with the double hose regulator.

And that Elios suit is really awesome, hard to find something better in my opinion.

*EDIT December 13* Not a big surprise, but diving with such a twin hose regulator and such a mask was new to Frogwoman Alice.

She thought it was fun even breathing from such an old vintage regulator was less comfortable in comparison with a newer one.

The dampened sound you hear pretty much at the beginning of the video is my old snorkel filling up with water and then me blowing it out.

I filmed most of the time just with a mask and snorkel to avoid having my breathing sounds from a regulator in the video.

But in that one scene, I went down a little too far…

Next time I will use a newer snorkel that closes up automatically in case it goes below the surface.

*EDIT* March 1:

It will be available again in the VIP club in May!

Here is a quick overview of the content of this month:

You can download these videos in the VIP club, but only for your personal use.

Please don’t share them with anyone…. anywhere!

It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money, especially on scuba gear and location rent.

A lot of my …limited… savings were used up for that.

If I don’t make enough money with these videos…..I won’t be able to make new videos.

So…. I hope you appreciate these videos and want to see more in the future.


Some background info on the video editing:

I used the video editing software Shotcut for the first time here.

The original video footage was shot in 2.7K, I rendered it down to 1080p for better file size and a picture will fewer grain effects.

I used a white balance filter to get rid of the very warm light from the pool lights, which worked really well.

I used color grading to increase the brightness in the darker sections of the video by 10% (mainly her wetsuit).

And I used an audio filter to dampen down some weird audio creaks that occurred here and there.

I experimented with a grain reduction filter for another video but as much as it helped with that grain noise….it blurred the picture. So I decided against it.

I also experimented with a sharpness filter to increase the sharpness…but that grained the picture in return 😆 ….So I decided against that as well.


If you have some serious knowledge of video editing:

Any help is welcome as I am pretty much a newbie to this!

So far I just cut videos for the most part with extremely simple tools like Freemake video editor. And I played with the Windows Movie Maker.

I promised the participants that I won’t give away the raw footage, and I will keep that promise (actually stated in the contracts).

But perhaps some of you have some tricks in your sleeves 😉

I will work on my Shotcut skills and perhaps I will make another version of this video with different editing settings if it can be improved remarkably.

I hope you like this video!

In the next week, I will post 2 or 3 new videos…