A frogwoman in a black vintage style Elios wetsuit and Technisub FFM – [Post 2][Reco]

1st post for today, one more will follow!

4 months ago I made a post about her stunning pictures on Instagram:


Time to do another one because she makes excellent images with such awesome scuba gear 🙂

Some of the new photos:

(click on the picture to enlarge it to full size)

I imagine walking around a lake and seeing a frogwoman in that gear.

Certainly, a walk to remember!

Make sure you follow her on Insta for more pictures:



Also, don’t forget to follow the Frogwoman Org Insta channel:


3 thoughts on “A frogwoman in a black vintage style Elios wetsuit and Technisub FFM – [Post 2][Reco]”

  1. Spectacular. My only regret is that despite attending an outstanding university as well as med school and being a NAUI Instructor I could never even get a date with a woman who looked like that, let alone marry one. I wish I was joking. Thank you – beautiful.


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