Predict the winner of the World Cup 2022 and get up to 60(!) free months for the VIP club!

2nd post for today!

It was 100% wrong to give the World Cup to that country and many aspects of what happened after that decision make me sick, but that shall not be the topic of this post.

I love World Cups and it’s the ultimate tournament for me when it comes to football (or soccer as some folks call it).

So I am looking forward to the sport aspect of the tournament, which starts in 10 days on November 20.

And what has that tournament to do with this blog?

Well, I wanna reward those who support this blog with their VIP club membership with a little extra treat!


What do you have to do to win up to 60(!) free months in the VIP club?

  • Predict the winner of the World Cup!


How can someone participate in this raffle?

  • If you have an ACTIVE membership in the VIP club you can participate!
  • Use the email address that you used to donate and send me your prediction (or just reply to the VIP club email that you got)


What can you win?

Well, you can win 1-60 free months in the VIP club!

These months will be added to your membership.

I checked my favorite sports betting page and divided the countries into different “categories”.

The bigger the risk you take with your prediction, the bigger the reward…. if your prediction was right 😉


Category 1, win 1 free month in the VIP club for any of these picks:

Brazil, Argentina, France


Category 2, win 2 free months in the VIP club for any of these picks:

England, Spain, Germany


Category 3, win 3 free months in the VIP club for any of these picks:

Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium


Category 4, win 12(!) free months in the VIP club for any of these picks:

Denmark, Croatia, Uruguay, Senegal, Mexico, Poland, USA, Wales, Cameroon, Canada, Serbia, Switzerland, Ecuador


Category 5, win 60(!!!) free months in the VIP club for any of these picks:

Ghana, Japan, Australia, Morocco, Qatar, South Korea, Tunisia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica


2 free BONUS picks for long-term supporters!

Long-term supporters with an ACTIVE membership AND at least 6 months of membership in TOTAL can choose 2 additional picks from categories 4 and/or 5!

Example: France (as the first pick) + Denmark and Croatia (bonus picks)

(you could also choose 3 from category 5…if you wish)


When can you participate?

*EDIT* Not anymore, it was possible to participate until November 20.


I am quite disappointed with how few VIP club members actually participated.

Even if you don’t know anything about the sport, a guess from category 1 or 2 would have been a solid chance.

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