Frogwoman gets knocked out underwater!

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Today I wanna post about a relatively new scene that was recommended to me by a nice user some weeks ago.

In this scene, we have a frogwoman who wants to save a submarine but gets into trouble…


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Here is the video:

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Alternative link… in case you can’t watch it on YouTube:


Watch the video before you continue!

Ok, these crappy CGI dolphins are really bad… alongside the other CGI effects.

But Flipper and his successors weren’t available as it seems. Also, he might be considered an imperialistic, evil Western dolphin by the movie makers of this movie 😉

The tank on the first screenshot looks really weird. These dents… is that tank a mockup out of cardboard? 😉

And how does she manage to get knocked out by that thing? #badreflexes

However, at least she really is diving underwater so it isn’t all CGI.

On the good side, she does wear a nice body wetsuit and there are a bunch of good close-ups of her.

And it’s a nice perilous scene once she loses the regulator.

So, all in all, it’s a nice scene for me.

Wanna know the title of the movie?

怒海浩劫 aka Deep Sea Rescue or The Wrath of the Sea or Rage of the Sea

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A female diver in FFM, a villain, great whites and a wreck [# 2]

Time to present another scene from this movie…

Post from last week:


So, what do we have here?

The villain and our frogwoman are diving down to the wreck again to collect some drugs.

Soon she won’t be “useful” to him anymore…. 😉



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Here is the video:

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I cut out some non-scuba scenes here to keep the video under a certain length… incl. a flashback scene of her as a kid and her father who dies in a boating disaster (storm).

Hmh… an interesting peril scene for sure!

You don’t see that often… a guy who knocks out a female diver and then locks her up underwater? Quite unique 🙂

But there are some weird aspects to it…

Yeah, he closes the heavy doors on her, and she might not get them open again, I’ll buy that.

But I think he has seen the openings in the deck structure before… so… why does he think that she can’t get out of there?

And what about that second knock that hits her dive mask?

She was unconscious already, was his idea to destroy the visor of the mask so that her mask would flood and she would basically drown while being unconscious?

If that was his plan… why didn’t he realize that the visor was still intact?

However he then just swims away…

Of course, I would have preferred if he would have sneaked up on her and sliced her air hose! That would have been awesome…

A real scuba fight between her and the villain would have been a great addition to the movie, but …no luck.

Her plan to attract one of the sharks to the villain by launching his BCD in his direction was interesting… also it was odd that they ignored him previously.

A very risky plan…

However, the whole scene is very interesting, and my highlight of the movie!

The scenes are often quite dark (lighting) but well that’s realistic after all ….down there it IS dark so we only have the flashlights of the divers.

All in all, I was positively surprised by this movie.

I mean I saw the trailer and just thought about another crappy shark movie with perhaps 30 seconds of scuba scenes… but no… I was wrong!

The Blu-ray will be in my collection….

Wanna know the title of the movie?


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The frogwoman, a kangaroo and sharks!

Time to make a 2nd post with scenes from a 60s TV show with an animal as the lead “actor”.

Now, not that one with the dolphin, the one with the kangaroo.

In this one world-famous diver, Valerie Taylor can be seen in one out of only 3 acting roles (movie/TV shows).


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Initially, I wanted to cut down the video as it is now half the length of the full episode.

But well, I wanted to include all her wetsuit scenes so I decided to choose the first long cut as the video. And Youtube seemingly doesn’t mind in this case.

Certainly some nice and interesting scenes with Valerie Taylor in a wetsuit for half an episode. 🙂

Well, I would have preferred a black rubber wetsuit, but no luck.

From today’s point of view, it is certainly quite ironic that Valerie Taylor who made many documentaries about sharks and was very unhappy in her involvement in the making of “Jaws” swims away in fear from a harmless shark….but well, times were different and most people were very afraid of any shark.

The peril element here is a nice addition if that means she is unconscious for the rest of the episode…which is quite odd. I mean why didn’t they show her awake at the end?

The young boy then saved her from drowning and then had some close scenes with Valerie Taylor in her tight, wet wetsuit on that boat…. I wouldn’t mind swapping with him 😉

Most likely he was too young back then to “appreciate” it.

Wanna know from which episode this is?


IMDB says it was episode 18 of that season, other sources say it’s 19, but the title is certainly correct.

What do you think of that episode?

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In pursuit of a frogwoman!

Well, this little gem has quite a lot to offer! Not only that the filmmakers stole a LOT of music from the Bond movies 😀  (unbelievably that that worked out)…. it has a frogwoman that gets chased on land and underwater! Can she escape the bad guys?


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well….that was…odd! We have incompetent henchmen in the plane (who can’t hit her) and more incompetent henchmen underwater, who can’t hit her with spearguns …or catch up with her.

But if they are not able to kill her….she nearly does it herself 😆

But creative….to escape a plan she packs out her scuba gear. And what happens to the frogmen who are not in the sub? Really odd.

However the chase is pretty cool, something you don’t get to see that often. And the footage where she is unconscious underwater due to the explosion….great scuba peril!

Wanna know the movie from which this was taken?


What do you think of all that?

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