A female diver in FFM, a villain, great whites and a wreck [# 2]

Time to present another scene from this movie…

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So, what do we have here?

The villain and our frogwoman are diving down to the wreck again to collect some drugs.

Soon she won’t be “useful” to him anymore…. 😉



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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

I cut out some non-scuba scenes here to keep the video under a certain length… incl. a flashback scene of her as a kid and her father who dies in a boating disaster (storm).

Hmh… an interesting peril scene for sure!

You don’t see that often… a guy who knocks out a female diver and then locks her up underwater? Quite unique 🙂

But there are some weird aspects to it…

Yeah, he closes the heavy doors on her, and she might not get them open again, I’ll buy that.

But I think he has seen the openings in the deck structure before… so… why does he think that she can’t get out of there?

And what about that second knock that hits her dive mask?

She was unconscious already, was his idea to destroy the visor of the mask so that her mask would flood and she would basically drown while being unconscious?

If that was his plan… why didn’t he realize that the visor was still intact?

However he then just swims away…

Of course, I would have preferred if he would have sneaked up on her and sliced her air hose! That would have been awesome…

A real scuba fight between her and the villain would have been a great addition to the movie, but …no luck.

Her plan to attract one of the sharks to the villain by launching his BCD in his direction was interesting… also it was odd that they ignored him previously.

A very risky plan…

However, the whole scene is very interesting, and my highlight of the movie!

The scenes are often quite dark (lighting) but well that’s realistic after all ….down there it IS dark so we only have the flashlights of the divers.

All in all, I was positively surprised by this movie.

I mean I saw the trailer and just thought about another crappy shark movie with perhaps 30 seconds of scuba scenes… but no… I was wrong!

The Blu-ray will be in my collection….

Wanna know the title of the movie?


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