The quest for a trailer video for (and its Youtube channel)

The Frogwoman org Youtube channel has reached 5000 subscribers!

To celebrate that I wanna finally launch a channel trailer that will be the first thing new folks would see if they land on my channel.

As an advertisement for my blog as well it should feature the main aspects of what you can expect to find here (and on my Youtube channel).

So, I made several (only slightly) different versions of a highlight reel and fitted different music tracks to it.

The final trailer will have a little text intro and outro as well.

What I wanna do now is to get you folks on board. YOU can actually decide which version I will take as the official trailer!

Making these videos only took a couple of hours.

But finding these scenes and these movies….that took a lot of ….YEARS.

Basically, these trailers show my favorite scenes when it comes to scuba peril scenes and scenes with women in awesome wetsuits.

20 years ago I probably would have killed for such a video 😉

So, how does that work?

Starting now you can vote for your favorite version. The vote will be online 1 week and the 2 videos with the most votes will advance to the final round.

In the second week of March, you will find 4 new videos here and you can vote again. And again 2 videos will advance to the final round.

From March 15 – 28, you can then vote for your favorite among the 4 finalists.


*EDIT* May 7:

Round 2: 4 more videos, all without lyrics this time!

Results of the first poll:

A) 25 votes (Bond+ Redemption) and C) 7 votes (Going under) advance to the final

D) 4 votes (Warrior) and B) 3 votes (A familiar taste of Poison) are out



So, here are the 4 more videos:



Score: 2 tracks from the “Elysium” OST



Score: “A risky day for a regatta” from the “Tentacles” OST



Score: “Adagio in D minor” from the “Sunshine” OST



Score: “No rules of engagement” from the “John Rambo” OST


Time to vote!

Which version do you prefer? (2 will advance to the final round)

  • E (64%, 9 Votes)
  • F (21%, 3 Votes)
  • G (7%, 1 Votes)
  • H (7%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 14

Loading ... Loading ...


The vote is open for one week (until March 14).

Feel welcome to leave a comment!



All of these scenes can be found on this blog, the best ones in the Hall of Fame


4 thoughts on “The quest for a trailer video for (and its Youtube channel)”

  1. E definitely would have caught my attention more than the others, that said the sight of all those women in sexy dive gear would probably have trumped my attention over the music.

    • Well, yeah, the attention should always be on the scuba babes in the first place. 😉
      The music is only to emphasize the action of the video, or to create a certain mood.

      • And the music ? n that one certainly does that the best.
        Also, if you get a chance to go on YouTube, look up

        Thames – Adverts & Continuity – 1986.
        And go to 11.09. There’s an old advert for British Gas that I found while endlessly searching for my Stowaway commercial. It’s not good enough for your channel but you might like it. It’s great to know that someone in advertising managed to creat a link before a gas cooker and a reasone for a woman to dress in a full vintage frog woman outfit.

        • Yeah, nice AD! Of course, they should have shown much more of her 😉
          But always a good idea to include a frogwoman in a commercial!


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