A female scuba diver who filmed her own murder! [TV show][Blog exclusive]

Thanks to a nice guy and his help I can present this one today 🙂

We have a female scuba diver who films her own murder in an episode of a TV show!



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Here is the video:


The video had to be moved as the YouTube video got blocked…

Watch the video before you continue!

Hah, I bet you are confused right now! 😉

First of all… I did include all the underwater footage from that episode in the video.

The actual moment when she dies isn’t actually shown in the episode…

Czech isn’t in my language portfolio but I got some info about the story:

He wanted to kill her for money and sabotaged her tank and gauge so it was empty much sooner than it was supposed to be.

He initially had her camera but was forced to ditch it quickly so the police wouldn’t find it.

But they discovered she had a camera so the female police diver was sent to retrieve it.

And there on the footage, the police guys can see that he isn’t doing anything to help her and is waiting for her to drown.

Well, what do we learn from that? If you wanna murder a scuba diver… make sure he/she isn’t filming it 😆

It’s quite a shame that the decisive moment wasn’t shown in the episode… really weird.

But I like the storyline and we have two solid scuba scenes with female divers and some nice wetsuit footage from the surface.


In my version, the evil guy would battle the female police diver at the end.

She would follow him to the camera and then a marvelous scuba fight would be the showdown of the episode 😉

After a long struggle, she would finish him off (air hose slice, regulator snatch) and he would thereby get what he deserves…


I find it highly amusing how …unsuccessful … the producers here try to hide the company names on the wetsuits 😆

Wanna know the title of the TV show?


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