A deadly walk in the woods with gas masks

No scuba scene for today but a very nice gas mask scene for a change!

If you like to see women in gas masks this movie is certainly quite a burner as the women spend quite a long time running around in gas masks in this one.

I stumbled upon the movie poster and that was verrry interesting 🙂

Plus there is a pretty harsh but interesting peril scene included…


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Here is the video:

*EDIT* October 8, 2023: Video was blocked in some countries.

Here is an alternative link:


Watch the video before you continue!

I bet you have a ton of questions now! 😉

Well, the setting of this movie is placed in the year 1929.

The folks are in a remote place for biology research. They discover a bunch of dead people from an earlier expedition.

They discover that there are some spores in the air in certain areas that can kill you if you breathe them in over a longer period (some hours).

They need to escape the area on foot and put on these suits and gas masks with filters to survive the dangerous areas.

The scene here is quite sinister and also interesting in my opinion.

She checks the mask, filters, and hoses of the others but doesn’t realize that the air hose of her gas mask is damaged and therefore her gas mask is pretty useless.

Seemingly she doesn’t feel 100% fine and one guy notices that she has a little nose bleeding.

But she falls back the next day and realizes too late that her gas mask isn’t working. It’s a little odd that she realizes it that late, but well the “rules” of these spores in the movie are quite weird anyway.

She fumbles around the air hose and the filter but she is doomed as she was exposed to these spores for too long.

And yeah, she actually dies here… one of the guys realizes that she is missing and runs back to her. The other two are then running back as well and then check the damaged air hose that killed the blonde nurse.

It’s never revealed how exactly it got damaged, but seemingly it was damaged as they were running in that gear the day before and had to jump down a long way down into a river.

But I really like this peril scene and love the amount of screentime with gas masks in this one…. quite thrilling!

In my version of the movie these spores would be deadly in a much shorter time period and I would include more perilous scenes like that incl. someone slicing such an air hose to kill the other one. And two folks would fight to get one working gas mask 😉

Wanna know from which movie this scene is?


What do you think of that scene?

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