The frogwoman in rubber and the photographer

Thanks to “D.” who send this clip my way! One last post for 2018!

In this one, we have a photographer on the beach who makes some pictures. Suddenly a frogwoman in rubber appears….and well… I really can’t explain all that what follows (?). 😉


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And here is the video:

Well, I don’t really get why what happens in that clips. Do they know each other?

Why does she run away? Why does she steal his(?) car? Why does he follow her with her whole equipment?

I don’t have more footage than that….but well, we got to see a sexy frogwoman in a vintage rubber wetsuit….so nothing to complain 😉

A shame we don’t see her diving in that gear….

What do you think of that scene?

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No real info on the title of the show is available right now…..does anyone know the title?


13 thoughts on “The frogwoman in rubber and the photographer”

  1. More puzzling is why she drives away in the nude, having peeled out of her wetsuit, naked underneath as she unzips it! The impression I get is that they do know each other, that he’s a professional photographer & that she’s his model, & that he was waiting for her, to do a photoshoot. But why she strips off & drives away naked in his car is something that only a translated version would tell you.

  2. What an amazing clip. She’s actually wearing a one piece front zip rubber wetsuit ! It does not get much sexier than that!
    She managed to lone dive in that rough sea without panicking so she must know her stuff and have a love of the sport.
    So you gotta ask ( aside from looking totally awesome in it) after what looked like an enjoyable dive , why did she then strip off her gear ? Preferring to run off totally naked!
    It seems to be a thing in films back then that women who are competent lone divers , strip off and abandon their very sexy/ very expensive and (in the case of rubber jumpsuits ) very rare diving suits and gear , then suddenly seem to turn into air headed bimbo’s ! The moment they change into a dress/ bikini or in this case the nude!
    That said I loved this scene, I agree we need to see more of her underwater/ in her great and stripping off.

  3. saw them both a lot of times in different movies and shows, but don’t remember their names! frustrating, but well, the age 😛
    anyway, I asked some of my japanese friends and family about it, among them Mixnuts, so I will have at least the name of the girl and the name of the picture soon!
    Happy New Year!

  4. well, here is the data, thanks to my friend Mixnuts!
    Well, the video you are seeking is a TV drama broadcast in Japan in 1968 titled “Oh! Solemiyo”(Oh!それ見よ).
    The title of Japanese is close to pronunciation of canzone’s title “O sole mio”.
    In other words, this program title is cheap joke.

    A beautiful woman with a yellow wetsuit is “Ogawa Rosa”.
    She is an active model in the 1960s.
    She became quickly a sexial icon in Japan, when she was appeared a model of gasoline commercial.
    In the commercial, she says “Oh! Mohretsu! (Oh! Furious)”.
    This line became a Japanese trendy word at the time.…

    I tried searching about this program.
    To my surprise, this program has been converted to DVD and sold.
    (Amazon sells it for 11,800 yen.)
    The introduction sentence on the DVD is below.
    “A urban romantic comedy that a single cameraman, a stylist, and his assistant girls will unfold.
    Ogawa Rosa turned over as an actress and starred as an ultra-popular model that overwhelmed the world with “Oh! Mohretsu”, the first and only continuous TV drama.”

    hope this solves the mystery!

  5. Ande the photographer does not take pictures of her! 🙂
    Beautiful yellow wetsuit. Especially the close shot in which she unzips and looks wet rubber!


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