Three were one too many… – A great scuba fight! [Hall of Fame]

This one came out of nowhere! Never heard of this one …until a friendly user recommended me a certain movie with his favorite scuba scene. 🙂

THANKS a lot! Of course he got some free months in the VIP club for such a GREAT recomendation!

And well, it is a great find for me and actually a scene for my Hall of Fame here on Frogwoman.

Because it offers an extremely rare ending, but more on that later…

Story: A couple invites another couple on a vacation at their beach house. Things between them are getting …”complicated” and two team up against the other woman.


And here is the video:

Well, isn’t that a great find for lovers of scuba peril/action?

But let’s start with the negative aspects first.

The whole movie is on youtube in a rather bad picture quality (352*240), I found a slightly better source, with the same resolution, but better quality. Still, it would be great to see that scene at least in DVD quality (around 640*480).

The sound of the bubbles sound like bad effects to me.

She drowns way too fast, even she is exhausted after the struggle, she shouldn’t drown in a matter of seconds.

I skipped through the movie (spanish language only) and it has some weird moments (like the ending on the beach). Overly dramatic music and effects.

Some weird things/errors I found:

The air hose (of the victim) seems to be leaking a bit (right at the 1st stage) during the fight!

Both the evil attackers wore black wetsuits, while she is wearing a colorful wetsuit. That underlines who are the bad guys here.

They rip off her tank….then a close up to her…the tank is still there! (editing/continuity mistake)

Off course she is wearing a weight belt, but it is gone (for no reason) as she ends up on the beach. (continuity mistake)

And now to the positive aspects, and there are a lot!

Scuba fights with women are pretty rare (and here we have even 2 involved)! An air hose cut in such a fight scene is even rarer!! And …air hose cut (by an attacker) in such a a fight…leading to the death of a frogwoman ….is EXTREMELY rare!!! As a matter of fact, I only know one more scene where that happens.

I love how she really fights against these two. She is focused on not loosing her regulator, shielding it with one hand for most of the time, and she fights them off for quite a while!

Such a long struggle scene is very rare as well.


This is the movie:


And here you can find it on youtube (in slightly worse quality, not my Upload):



If anyone has a link to a better quality version…please use this contact form to let me know!

If the quality is significantly better, you will get a free month or two on the VIP club.


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12 thoughts on “Three were one too many… – A great scuba fight! [Hall of Fame]”

        • Gloria, the victim actress, played by Mariecruz Olivier was born in 1935 (source IMDB) and the movie was shot in 1976 (source Wikipedia) so the she should be around 41 years old.
          I love the last scene on where her body washed up on the beach.

  1. This was an interesting one! The fight was a bit unexpected at the start but eventually became pretty obvious. I love how the fight is portrayed as an inevitable death, with the frogwoman being completely dominated by her opponents. Only her focus on her regulator seems to save her.
    To me it looked like she got caught in the rigging of her scuba gear after she took it off trying to escape. Unable to swim effectively, she runs out of air and drowns! The twist at the very end was entirely unexpected! Since I couldn’t understand the words, I felt like the woman at the resort had been the one to order the woman’s death, and when she realized who it was, she was horrified at her actions! Still, this was excellent!

  2. Love the scene.

    Little bit new to me. Especially when cut her air hose. Then removing her scuba tank in the process and they make sure that she drown and wait for it. Usually they leave after cutting or removing the regulator of there victim. But these scene they wait for it and then swim away. Little bit of overkill. But I like the scene. Even she is over power 2 against one she really fight for it. The two divers have difficulty on her. The male diver having trouble even he has help. If I was the guy on that scene I will remove the mask on her. So that she will be confuse. Then go for hose immediately.

    By the way love the last scene. When she ran to beach to see her wash on shore. She look great on her wetsuit. I notice when she remove her face mask she has difficulty removing it. Anyway it’s a good scene.

    • Yeah, ripping of the mask should be move number 1 in such a fight.

      These two wanna make sure that she won’t come back from that dive. Evil folks.

  3. Just watched the film, loved the scene of the sexy young lady dancing round in her sexy funky white jumpsuit, while all the other dowdy women just stand around in boring dresses and stare. It’s a real shame this young woman never zipped herself into that black scuba suit, that would have been an amazing treat for the eyes.

  4. I’m afraid I don’t speak Spanish, but I had an hour to kill and I have eyes and the ability to skip forward if need be. I would like to see it with subtitles and I was interested to note that two of the characters were gay/ by sexual. That’s a little unusual for a film that looks this old. Shame they couldn’t have gone diving together…….. in black wetsuits.


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