The first version of an excel Index of this blog can now be found in the VIP club!

If you are a member of the Frogwoman Org VIP club, you can now find a first version of the Index of this blog a nice bonus!

An excel file with the movie title or TV show name (+episode number), a short description, my personal rating, post title, and a link to that post.

The list has now 217 entries (February 26) and can now be found in the VIP club and will stay there (will be updated regularly).

So if you ever wondered if a scene from a certain movie is on the blog…you can now do a quick search with the help of that file 😉

And many other possibilities are there as well, another example: you browse through the very brief descriptions and use the link to go to the post…


2 more videos for Project F are ready and waiting for an OK to be posted.

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