The female cliff diver and the evil scuba diver

This is kind of a cheat post in terms of female divers… but I think you will find it interesting!

Thanks a LOT to the guy who recommended me this movie.

There is also quite an even better male scuba peril/fight scene in it, maybe I will add that to the post as well in the next weeks.


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And here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

Damn, what I would give if we had the female cliff divers and (at least) one female diver!

But still, the scene is very interesting as the scuba fight is well done and quite long. 🙂

You might wanna know the background story behind this:

The naughty scuba killer killed her brother earlier in the movie and (obviously) wants to kill her as well.

This is a French TV movie, and I doubt there will be a dub or subs for this one. And my French from school isn’t good enough to watch the whole movie.

The police anticipated that move and set up a trap for the bad guy. The scuba diver with the blue wetsuit is the hero of the movie.

It’s quite strange that both divers were very close to her landing spot, but seemingly the bad guy didn’t notice the police diver before… which is odd as divers make a lot of bubbles (unless they use rebreathers).

But ok, that is basically my only complaint (besides the gender issue) with this scene.

The scuba fight is filmed well in my opinion, and it takes the detective quite some strength and time to disarm the evil diver that never had a real chance as there are also additional police divers at the scene to intervene.

The detective uses these huge twins tank in all his scuba scenes in the movie. Well, quite a BIG air supply! And he actually needed that earlier on 😉

Wanna know the title of the movie?


What do you think of that scene?

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3 thoughts on “The female cliff diver and the evil scuba diver”

  1. Great fight scene but real shame it wasn’t two women, and they both had seriously big air cylinders! Even the singles looked like they were 15 ltr !
    The free diving lady actually looked really good in her wetsuit, I’m not normally a fan of shorties over full suits and hoods but the one she was wearing actually looked really sexy on her.

  2. That seems to be an interesting movie. Could you share the info where to get the full movie? I like the region where it was made very much and have been scuba diving there years ago. Thanks for all the good work!

    • Sorry, can’t share such information here in public, need to be careful with such things.
      I don’t think that googling with the movie title and the word myflixer would help…


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