Scuba villainess VS female police diver! [Scuba fight][Blog exclusive]

Thanks to the guy who recommended me this one!

The description of this scene sounds too good…

An evil female diver is sending top-secret info to a foreign government. A female detective is on her trail and we have the final showdown between those two in a scuba fight!

That sounds like a story that I would have written 😉

Let’s check out the scene and see if it can live up to the promise….


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And here is the video:

(EDIT October 17: Video was blocked…. had to move it)

Watch the video before you continue!

I wanted to show both in their wetsuits on dry land and build in short scenes with both of them prior to the underwater fight.

I cut out some surface scenes as they slow down the action.


A little confused by the video? (It helps to watch the scene several times)

Let me summarize the action:

The villainess is sending top-secret data via that computer thingy.

Meanwhile the “good guys” arrive on top and check out the boat of the villainess, the villainess knows that as she has cameras on board.

The villainess hides and waits for the detective to arrive.

Her knife attack fails and the detective yanks out her regulator.

She puts it back and attacks a second time with her knife.

The detective manages to close the air valve of the villainess who retreats then.

Hmh, let’s start with the positive aspects in my opinion:

We have some good moves like stealing a regulator and closing the tank valve. Plus there is a scuba knife involved, even if it is quite tiny.

Also some (weird) yanking on the strap(!) of a scuba mask. Very unusual, never seen that in a movie or TV show!

It’s good that they have some different colors on their scuba gear so you can tell who is who. Nothing I should mention as a positive aspect, but that isn’t something that can be taken for granted as some movies/TV shows demonstrate.


Now to the bad aspects…

The background music may be ok as long there is no action. But as the scuba fight starts the music doesn’t react at all to it, completely lame snooze music.

That is totally bizarre as the music is supposed to underline what is happening on screen. The music/sound department screwed up here big time 😆

You can actually see a safety diver/cameraman in the background several times during the underwater action…. that isn’t supposed to happen 😉

As the villainess attacks, the “good” diver has suddenly no regulator in her mouth but a tube of some sort!?! WTF?! (at 02:54)

The yanking on the strap of the scuba mask of the detective is a nice aspect, but why can’t she get her scuba mask off in the process? Come on, that is quite easy then.

The whole action is mostly quite weird as they don’t control each other’s arms but just hold onto each other for most of the time.

Their hands are free very often…they could easily go for the other one’s mask or regulator, but they don’t… they are holding back a lot.

It’s a little weird that the villainess gives up like that.

Yeah, her air was turned off, but that isn’t a problem since the detective isn’t following her.

She could easily turn it back on and attack again. But I guess she was demoralized after she lost twice times against her.

Well, if you take the description the actual video is a little disappointing if you consider all aspects.

But it certainly delivers a pretty long scuba fight between two frogwomen, so that is already a great thing! 🙂

Yeah, many things could be improved here… but is certainly is a remarkable scene.

After all, there aren’t exactly many female scuba fights to be found in movies.

Fun facts:

The villainess works for the “evil” Americans while the detective works for the “good” Chinese.

Looks like this Chinese TV show has some propaganda messages in this one 😉

Wanna know from which movies this is?

Don’t have an IMDB link since it is a Chinese TV show, but here is the title:

谍战深海 aka “Ocean espionage_spy war deep sea”

What do you think of that scuba fight?

You are welcome to leave a comment!


5 thoughts on “Scuba villainess VS female police diver! [Scuba fight][Blog exclusive]”

  1. let me start by saying its a good clip and like you stated above the fact that we have 2 female SCUBA divers is a bonus and rarity in films

    there are so many continuity errors though that its almost laughable and up for the award of most continuity errors in one scene.

    “Also some (weird) yanking on the strap(!) of a scuba mask” i think that she had hold of the hood and was trying to yank that off 3:43

    “It’s good that they have some different colors on their scuba gear so you can tell who is who” underwater yes, but its different gear to what they went into the water with.
    – at the start and the end (dry land/on the boat) they are both wearing the same wetsuits. however underwater the villainess i believe can be seen wearing a Aqua Lung wetsuit, can just make out company logo and Aqua on leg. also suit has light patches under the arm. on the boat the villainess has a Sealand wetsuit the same as the detective.
    – as the villainess enters the water she has Red fins, the detective has Blue. yet at the end when she chucks her fins on the rocks, they are definitely Blue.
    – @3:43 you can see someone assisting the detective with getting her hood on and its dry. she also has full SCUBA gear (tanks etc on), next she is reaching for her mask and her suit is wet and she has no SCUBA gear on, followed by jumping in the water in full scuba gear and appearing dry again.
    – same scene, she is gearing up on boat with Blue fins on, and jumps in the water with Blue fins on.
    – @0:57 Villainess can be seen jumping in the water with the yellow redundancy hose under her arm (and most probably tucked away) in the next shot of her, the yellow redundancy reg is in her mouth and hose going over her shoulder. and next scene its back to normal.
    – Villainess can be seen laying the cable (well dangling it and letting sit on sea bed), yet when the detective finds it, it is nearly submerged under the sand.
    – @1:42 detectives tank is silver only, when she jumps in the water it has Blue faded paint on top
    – @1:50 again detective jumps in water with yellow reg in mouth, next has normal reg in. also no yellow mask as enters water, next shot has yellow mask
    – knife fight is by the computer, however when the villainess picks it up again she has to swim to the detective, implying the knife was not near the computer?
    – detectives BCD changes, on the boat its a scubateo yet in the fight you can clearly see Scubapro and grey markings that are new
    – detectives regs change from unsure make to scubapro r190’s if i am not mistaken
    – villainess hair at the end seems to get wetter when police arrive to when she took off her hood, could be angle but appears higher at the front.
    – villainess BCD seems to change on the rocks at the end. has yellow marks yet throughout the scene has red pin stripes.
    – Villainess BCD on the boat has 2 big red patches over the pocket, not seen in the water or at the end.
    – villainess hair is tied at the start, yet at the end is loose and flowing.
    – both loose their dive computers when they are back on the boat and land.

    some of the other bits that were out of sink were
    – detective shuts off her air valve, yet villainess can be see emitting lots of bubbles and swims away with air on. no air would be a shoot to the surface event.
    – before the detective shuts off the air valve, she is underneath and struggling yet next shot she is on top and behind her. anyone whos been diving knows you can perform maneuvers like that underwater esp with scuba on
    – when detective gets back onto boat, you see her take her mask off, but has no SCUBA gear on. the first thing most divers do is remove their mask, also water is dripping off her like she has just come up, yet she has already removed her gear.
    – i thought that she lost the knife way to easy. the detective just hits her hand and bam its gone… not just once but twice
    – the fight scene sees to be more of a lovers embrace than a fight, hands are all over the place around the neck etc and not actually grabbing or doing anything.

    but at the end thanks for taking your time to post and share much appreciated.

    • Well…. Wow! Quite a spectacular comment! 🙂
      You certainly have sharp eyes, how many times have you watched this one?
      Yeah, it’s crazy how many mistakes they have in such a short clip.
      Especially the aspect with the camera guys/safety divers that are clearly visible and the aspect with the tube instead of the regulator are both highly sloppy.
      About the mask strap: Well I would say she tried to remove her mask (which should have been easy) and not her hood. Removing her hood would be way more difficult and would have no additional affect. But well, who knows what the screenwriters here were thinking? 😉
      Exactly, the whole fight is more of an embrace, that is something that happens way too often. A diver should try to attack the other one at every possibility and try to prevent the other one from doing the same. Just holding onto the diver is just stupid and wasted opportunity.

      • i watched it the first time and spotted the safety divers in the back ground, then like you said re-watched it and the more that i was looking out for one thing the more others just started appearing. also a bit of flicking back and fourth to check. but was way too many errors in my mind.

        as for the mask/hood rip off section, i think that it was the divers way of trying to make it look like she was attacking and not actually do anything to upset the other diver.

        if it was me i would just swim up behind them and clamp onto their tank like i rodeo (bucking bronco) rider, shut their air off and just hang on for dear life. its the one spot that a diver is nearly totally defenseless. but alas that doesnt make for great TV haha.

        its a shame that they didnt use the gear they had on underwater as it was better suits and BDC’s in my opinion than the equipment we saw.

        lets hope that they make a sequel and do a better job

        • It’s an episode of a TV show that seemingly has more scuba scenes, but none with action as I read from the one who recommended me.
          But I do have another scuba peril scene from China that I will post the next weeks 😉

  2. There’s not much on the continuity that I can say that hasn’t already been said. But I will say this in the scenes favour. I was really glad to see that both women were in full gear , full length wetsuit hood and both were mostly black wetsuits. The show managed to find a way to tell them apart while still having them fully geared up.
    Usually it would only be the vileness in full black rubber, the heroine would usually be in a bright coloured short sleeved wetsuit vest top with bikini bottoms and no hood!
    This was way sexier.


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