Female scuba diver attacked from behind in a lake

Slowly, I’m running out of new titles 😉

This one is new to me, I only saw this material today and after it, I started editing it, so you guys can see it.

For a 70’s not-so-well-known tv-series the quality of the picture is really great. It seems that it was recorded only some months ago in HD.

In this video, we have two scenes.

In the first one, two female divers are searching for some mining equipment on the bottom of a lake.

In the second scene, one of them is attacked from behind by a male diver! Who will win? And how?


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

*EDIT* February 2022:

A very strange fight. He has the moment of surprise but somehow fails pretty miserable!

Don’t understand why his tank(?) suddenly is losing air and why he seemingly dies within seconds 😆

However, it’s a very rare scene as a frogwoman actually kills a male diver….. you won’t find many movies/TV shows where that does happen!

In case you wanna know about the title of the show:





7 thoughts on “Female scuba diver attacked from behind in a lake”

  1. Im confused what is new to you.
    Even if this clip was ancient already its still been around for the last ten years in uwcs and atleast two different users have uploaded it to youtube in the past ten. Just search youtube with female scuba diver drown/ fight and “discover” your new videos and stop slowpoking with the rest of us.

    • Always interesting when somebody thinks be speaks for everyone…. 😉
      But, no problem: In the future I will only upload magical scuba clips that no one has ever seen before… No problem at all!
      I guess I have a hat where I can find these.

  2. The girls are stunning when they’re walking in woods by night in their full scuba gear. Such a great pleasure to meet them. Underwater, black frogman is starting to drown because the girl damaged his air supply. Then, he’s back to surface, floating like corpse. But maybe he’s just fainted ? Do you think he survived to the girls ?

    • It really seems that he is dead (drowned). Pretty unique scene where a female scuba diver kills her male attacker….very rare!
      Well, I don’t know how she ripped his air hose of the tank with her bare hands….but well… the whole fight isn’t very realistic.

  3. She won struggle because she’s the movie heroine. Second heroine on boat looks at floating corpse with a cheerful curiosity. Why girls had to kill beastly this poor scuba diver ?

    • Good question! And that fact that it seems that she rips his air hose off….without a knife…strange. But I like it, it’s pretty unconventional.

  4. I saw the whole episode.

    At beginning, the two girls bumped this weird frogman underwater while they were boating. The guy was looking for sunken treasure. But the two gals are sent on a secret mission and blonde drowns him at end. I like when his body goes back to surface. He is laughable while he had a tragical death. Great scene !


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