Bond VS the Spectre diver (under the Disco Volante at night)

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For the first time in the movie (around one hour into the movie) we see James Bond diving! He uses the cover of night to dive below the Disco Volante. The ship Largo and his henchmen use for their evil plans. Bond makes pictures of the bottom of the yacht as he is spotted by a Spectre guard diver!

The following fight shows one of the many “cutting” errors/connection errors that are in the movie. I do LOVE that movie, but I don’t know any movie where so many errors are built-in. Of course, after watching it 2451221 times you notice a lot more of these errors…..


Here is the original scene (Edited version without the scenes with Largo on the yacht):

Well, pretty weird:

The shot on the 2nd picture shouldn’t be in the movie…. It looks great: The regulator spitting out the precious air, the diver helpless and Bond seems to….”enjoy” the scene ๐Ÿ˜‰

But, it doesn’t fit in! If you just cut out that shot, the fight looks a lot smoother/better:

(Edited version without the scenes with Largo on the yacht AND without the scene from the 2nd picture above)

It is a great scene! Even if the diver misses with his speargun shoot rather embarrassingly….it is a great appetizer for the scuba fights to come on later on in the movie.

What do you think about that scene? Please leave a comment!


21 thoughts on “Bond VS the Spectre diver (under the Disco Volante at night)”

  1. Love this scene with Bond Ripping off the Divers mask and then cutting the Air-hose but I think he should have finished him off by pulling him down to drown or stabbed him in the gut as he floated upwards.

    • Hehe….Yeah, but as the good guy…he is only allowed to kill when it’s neccessary ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And he needed to get away quickly.

      Largo is the man for the killing in this one.

    • Ive always loved this scene as well. But Bond should of killed that spectre frogman, either drowned him or killed him with his knife….by allowing him to survive he will just take his place with the other spectre frogmen later on in the big battle. If Bond had of wasted him, thats one less frogman to deal with later on. If I was Bond I would of eliminated him, and sent him to the bottom…

    • Thanks for your comment! Yeah I remember you showing this scene to demonstrate that Bonds actually cuts the intake hose of the spectre diver.
      Very unusual to see that in a movie…

  2. The first proper battle scene in the movie which I liked a lot. The flaws are sadly rather obviosu, but bond rather easily finishing the diver is really great. Even more he seems to enjoy it, having an easy finish with that guy. Largo should have sent a better trained frogman after Bond. But then we’d miss all the battle in the end…

  3. Too bad they didn’t make it last a bit longer. The spectre diver seeming to have the advantage of the surprise effect, equipped with a weapon such as a speargun and a knife, blending in the dark waters and suppose to patrol every corner meanwhile Bond is nothing but a moving target with that orange outfit that doesn’t even cover all his body, a flashy parasit, an obvious intruder, with his white tanks almost looking like big burdens hindering his speed. The distribution of strength is unbalanced. That shot should have pinned one of the two tanks, giving a sense of emergency. Bond could have started panicking yet no knowing from where the threats come from,before being suddenly attacked and having his mask grabbed,making lots of bubbles in the trouble. And then, with those super magical impossible moments that only exist in movies, he would have performed that special elbow kick that you have made all the difference. He could have grabbed his head and knocking him onto the boat and stealing his tanks, and maybe taking away the spear from his previous tanks and pinning it into his agressor’s butt, or even…those balls being obvious in such tight suits, like n astronaut putting a flag on the moon. And of course, it would have been recorded, giving a strong message to Largo. The agonising body of that spectre,so strong at the beginning, and now completly destitued, would have meant a lot.

    That scene worthes me a good masturbation here and there nonetheless lol.

    • Great post. I wish Bond had of knifed him, in the balls or rammed the dive knife into his arsehole….then stared into his facemask and watched his agony as the frogman died….?

  4. A fully equipped frogman, so dominating at the beginning, so destituted and oppressed at the end. I always wonder if Largo allowed him to stay alive and to get aboard again. Or if he was killed by the underwater grenades launched from the boat. What did he deserve after such a big fail ?

    In the original script, Bond kills the patrolling frogman.

    • Yeah, he had the advantage of surprise and a spear gun. And yeah, he failed big time.
      I don’t know how easy it was for Largo to find scuba diving-henchmen, perhaps he got a second chance.
      Perhaps he was finished of in the scuba battle later on. Perhaps Bond killed him on their second encounter ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Scuba diving-henchmen ? I would rather say they are only rubberized creatures provided with air by funny hoses : frogmen. Scary under water, weak and laughable on earth. Dehumanized pawns you move and sacrifice to win battle.
        I guess that Bond don’t need a licence to kill a frogman. Does he need it to crush a fly ?

  5. Great scene, always wished Bond had of killed him…..he could of easily drowned the guy when he removed the facemask, or got his dive blade into the frogman. Stabbed him in the throat or in the guts……..and let him sink to the bottom. if I had of been Bond and he fired a spear at me, I would if wasted him and sent him to a watery grave! As to what Largo did with him after failing so badly. I tend to think he may of let him live, killing him would of been easy and satisfying…..but scuba trained henchman dont grow on trees, better to keep him alive and use him later on in the real battle.
    It would of been cool to think that he appeared again in the real scuba battle, and ran into Bond again face to face. This time Bond was in no mood to show his scuba “buddy” any mercy and ripped off his facemask during another underwater confrontation, held the man until he drowned, then slit his throat with his dive knife……….then dumped his useless dead body and watched as it sank to the bottom to join all the other dead SPECTRE frogmen……..a happy ending, but not for the SPECTRE man……

    • Great scene, always wished Bond drowns it. Because, it is not a man anymore, it is a frogman. A new kind of rubber nauseating beast without identity.

  6. I wish Bond had of smashed his goggles with his knife and stabbed the frogman in the guts and he let out a muffled scream as he floated down to the bottom in a stream of bubbles and blood with his legs and flippers twitching and jerking !!!

    • With Bonds cock rock hard as the frogman dies on the seafloor….. Makes me want to cum just thinking about it……kill kill kill the frogmen…..

  7. I think that frogman was killed or severely injured by the grenade explosions.
    Largo sees him fail against Bond and that point he is only interested in
    killing Bond !!!

    • Yeah, possibly. Or he was thrown in the shark pool like the henchman who failed to kill Bond in his hotel suite ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. If that frogman survived his encounter with Bond under the Disco Volante , I’m sure he would of taken
    part in the big underwater battle , but I doubt he survived being killed or wounded because very few Spectre frogmen surrendered without injury !!!


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