Are you worthy to watch a special “Project F” BONUS VIDEO for free? [Thunderball quiz]

Before the 2nd video shoot, I came up with the idea to make a little (verrrrrry obvious) Easter Egg video for my favorite movie.

Some years ago I made an extra Thunderball page for it with links to extra pages to certain scenes and topics.

Some days ago I had the idea to have a little quiz about Thunderball and that the extra, special, secret bonus video would be the reward for those who master it.

It’s just a very short video, but if you like Thunderball and/or wanna see Frogwoman Lucy on the surface in an Elios vintage beavertail wetsuit… you will LOVE it 😉

Plus it’s for free…and it should be fun!


Let’s start the treasure hunt!

You will find the secret page with the video… if you add the letters of the correct answers to the standard frogwoman website address.

For example: If “A” would be the correct answer to every question, the address which would lead you to the video would be:

Spoiler alert: “A” isn’t always the correct answer 😉


Hint: IMDB and the pages/videos of my Thunderball project will help you with the solutions


1) In which country was Thunderball released first?

A) USA — B) UK — C) West Germany — D) Japan — E ) East Germany — F) Uzbekistan

2) How many letters does the full name of the actress contain who plays the main villainess in Thunderball?

A) 13 — B) 14 — C) 15 — D) 18 —- E) 42

3) What is the page number of my favorite Thunderball scene (check Thunderball project)?

A) 5 — B) 6 — C) 8 — D) 73273 — E) 7

4) How many crew members get gassed on the Vulcan Bomber in Thunderball?

A) 5 — B) 4 — C) 6 —- D) 3 — E) Strawberry Ice Cream!

5) How many Dollars does Angelo want from SPECTRE as he has the brilliant idea to blackmail them?

A) 100000 — B) 1000000 — C) 250000 — D) 9,99 — E) 200000

6) How old was Sir Sean Connery as Thunderball was released in the USA?

A) 36 — B) 34 — C) 33 — D) 35 — E) 32


If you are worthy to watch the video… you should be able to find the correct answers 😉

You may post comments, but don’t give away any solutions.

4 thoughts on “Are you worthy to watch a special “Project F” BONUS VIDEO for free? [Thunderball quiz]”

  1. The first question could be clearer because the film premiered in one country but opened in another

    I’ve tried using both countries and i still can’t get it to work :>(


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