A rocket bike and a smoking hot villainess in leather!

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Fiona Volpe (aka Luciana Paluzzi) witnessed that Angelo blackmailed SPECTRE for more money to do the job of flying the plane with the bombs to the Bahamas. Well, Largo will take care of him later (page 7), but now Count Lippe, who has selected Angelo, needs to pay the price for his failure. And SPECTRE has special ways to deal with folks who don’t deliver results… πŸ˜‰

….and Fiona Volpe does a great job! Not only she does have a really cool bike with rockets (!)…she looks extremely sexy in that leather outfit. πŸ™‚

And that scene shows that she is a stone-cold killer.

Funny is that she actually does Bond a favor in killing off Count Lippe! Even if he wasn’t a real threat with his tiny gun to Bond and his car…he could have been (very) lucky to hit him.

I guess she could have waited if Count Lippe succeeds and could have used her rockets on the survivor of the duel. That way both threads to SPECTRE would be dead…. but well, that wouldn’t have worked for the movie… πŸ˜‰

And that scene was really good stunt work. To drive around with a burning car… and that stunt guy was lucky to escape the exploding car….

(Bonus material on the Blu-ray disc)

Interesting aspects, weird stuff, and mistakes in this scene:

1) They drive on a race track!

I saw the bonus material to Thunderball and there they “revealed” that the scene was filmed on a race track, and not on a “normal” road, which is understandable.

Haven’t noticed that in the movie at first, but if you look at the background on these pictures….you can actually see pretty well, that it is a race track.


2) Luciana Paluzzi didn’t have much to do….

Well, not a big surprise, but Luciana Paluzzi only entered the scene to take off the helmet and show herself in that great leather outfit.

Everything else did a stunt man. Nowadays you could find (at least) a stunt woman, but back in the 60’s women did not do real action scenes. 


What do you think about this scene?


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3 thoughts on “A rocket bike and a smoking hot villainess in leather!”

  1. Fiona Volpe is the prototype of the femme fatale, combining sex and death. She rides, she shoots and I bet she could dive. She seduces Bond but she’s not seduced. She was the first hot lady to hate him and she’s always the best. Save the last dance for her.

    • Yep, together with Xenia Onatop she is my favorite Bond villainess. The only mistake (besides not to dive in the movie) she made was to wear that SPECTRE ring like Largo did.
      Not too smart….like a sign on her that says: Lookout, I’m evil! πŸ™‚
      It would have been a real nice surprise if she would have turned against Bond, who wouldn’t know about her involvement in SPECTRE.

  2. According to me, Fiona Volpe is not a bad girl. But in the 60’s a woman combining sex and death had to be on the bad side and to die. That was hollywood rules. Then in the 90’s, you had Catherine Tramell who broke these rules. That was more interesting than a 007 movie.
    About her ring, this is a mistake from screenwriter. I guess he was a little afraid by Fiona. He had to say to audience : she’s so strange and wild… but she’s a baddy and you can read it on her beautiful finger. Don’t be afraid, nice people !


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