Bond joins SPECTRE!

With the help of Domino Bond manages to find the spot where Largo gathers his SPECTRE frogmen to make the dive to the Disco Volante. He finds all that great vintage scuba gear and grabs one of the wetsuit jackets.  (How much I envy him! Would love to get my hands on such equipment…). He hides and waits for Largo and his henchmen. He knocks down one of them and grabs his gear. He joins the other divers and gets on the Disco Volante…

Interesting aspects in this scene:


1) Why do they DIVE to the Disco Volante?

Well, wouldn’t it be much easier to take a boat? Yes, BUT the Disco Volante is under surveillance, so Largo prefers that the transfer stays hidden.

And of course, it was the only way Bond could join Spectre disguised ….with a hood and mask. The story needed it.


2) How does Bond stays disguised on the Disco Volante?

THAT is a very interesting question for me! Bond manages to get on board the Disco Volante in the SPECTRE scuba gear. In the last seconds of the video, he still wears his hood and scuba mask to keep up the disguise. Largo and some of his henchmen could easily discover him otherwise.

Now the Disco Volante travels to the “target area” near Miami. Well, I don’t know exactly how long that trip is from where they started. But I guess at least one hour, but more likely I would say several hours (from the Bahamas to Miami with a ship).


How does Bond keep up his disguise in all that time????

Isn’t it a ….bit suspicious…. if one diver keeps wearing his suit and even his mask and hood all that time? 😉

And he surely would sweat like hell in that rubber outfit after some time. And he can’t unmask himself without being spotted…..

I would say there isn’t a really good explanation of how that would work…


What do you think of this scene?

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4 thoughts on “Bond joins SPECTRE!”

    • Indeed he does!
      Sometimes I wonder what had happened if Largo didn’t had discovered Bond in that cave… Hmh, I guess the story wouldn’t have worked the way. Somehow he had to alert the NAVY and get his special scuba gear.

  1. Hot scene. I always get rock hard when Bond discovers the frogman gear, knowing that within an hour he,ll be killing those same spectre frogmen. The scene where the spectre frogmen stand on the rock wall under the moonlight makes my balls ache, knowing most will be dead before another day passes…..

  2. Also wondered if the spectre frogmen stripped off their wetsuits and gear when they got on the Disco, or just stayed suited up while the boat headed for the target area….being the carribean with high temps, youd be sweating and overheating very quickly in those suits, as soon as you were out of the water!


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