The imposter gasses the Vulcan bomber crew!

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After the imposter gassed the real Major Derval, he takes his place onboard a Vulcan Bomber with 2 atomic bombs. He is asked by the co-pilot if he would like to take his seat for a better view. The imposter gladly agrees and changes places with the co-pilot. He straps himself tightly into the safety harness of the ejection seat and places his oxygen mask in place.

The plane reaches its cruising altitude and the pilot is checking a map. Angelo uses this opportunity and grabs a small metal container…


(watch the video before reading the text below!)


…which he places between his legs (risky, the pilot could see that….). He disconnects his air hose from the internal air supply of the plane and reconnects it with the oxygen container that Fiona gave him. He plugs the metal gas container in and gasses the whole crew! The oxygen masks, that should give them life-giving air are now filled with deadly gas. All 5 crew members (except Angelo) are struggling, pulling on their masks and air hoses….but all are dead in a matter of seconds.

Angelo watching them collapse in their seat harnesses….

(…and is not the only one who is really turned on by that….).


Now Angelo, who has now gassed 6 people(!) already (Major Derval + the remaining Vulcan Bomber crew) is now in full control over a plane with 2 atomic bombs…



My thoughts about this scene:

That scene is really intense! And really…. GREAT!

The way the sneaky imposter pulls out the gas cylinder and gasses the whole crew…. the way they desperately yank on the masks and air hoses…. and being gassed with their own oxygen masks.

This scene really turns me on big time every time I am watching it. These oxygen masks with these air hoses.  The crew strapped tightly in their seat harnesses. And Angelo who is watching them as they collapse in their seats….



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After watching this scene for the first time, and the scene that follows with Angelo underwater…I started a big fetish for any breathing equipment.

Oxygen masks, gas masks, scuba regulators etc.

I’m not much into bondage…but seeing the crew members in their safety harnesses…strapped tightly to their seats….convulsing as gas fills their oxygen masks. Oh man! Really sexy…

But the safety harness will have even a bigger “role” later… ๐Ÿ˜‰

What IF?

I always wondered about different ways this scene could have ended.

What if the pilot would have seen the gas cylinder before Angelo plugged it in? Would he have any chance to stop him?

If he reacted to it quickly, pulling off his own oxygen mask…could he perhaps grab Angelos’s oxygen mask? (before passing out)

2 interesting/weird things in this scene:

1)  One of the crew members isn’t strapped in his/a seat harness…

Did the film crew run out of seat harnesses? Or is that just a sloppy crew member? ๐Ÿ˜‰


2) In this short shot we do see the oxygen container of the imposter….for the first and only time in the plane

Later…. we don’t see it again underwater. His air hose directly goes into his suit, where he seems to have placed the oxygen container.

What do you think about this scene?

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