The real Derval gets gassed….and the imposter takes over! [+ Fiona Volpe and her stunning cleavage]

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Angelo Derval must be a happy man, he is a well-respected military pilot and he is surrounded by the most beautiful women!

Now he is about to participate in a Nato training mission.

But finally, he runs out of luck…as he opens the door…:

Well, not the worst death and I guess he had a lot of fun with his “secretary” in that scene and in the past as well.

But now the SPECTRE agent takes over as an imposter:

All in all, it’s a great scene! We got to see the evil Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi) for the first time. And her cleavage in that dress….wow! She surely knows how to motivate Derval into trusting her 😉

And his surprise as he sees the imposter…great! And that evil guy gasses him without mercy. Some seconds later he receives his special breathing equipment that will keep him alive later (for a while) as he kills the crew of the Vulcan bomber and ditches the plan into the sea. And we see him blackmailing SPECTRE…not his best idea. How did he think he could get away with that?

But now for the weird/funny/strange aspects of this scene:

1) A tissue and a dress work as a gas mask?

The gas he uses to kill the real Derval is supposed to be the same he later uses in the Vulcan bomber. Surely the real Derval gets the gas right in the face, he is doomed.

But are a tissue and some fabric from a dress are propper protection from that gas? Even if it is only a small dosage the imposter fires at him.

I do have very strong doubts that such simple things will keep you alive… 😉

Of course, if he would have had a gas mask…the surprise (the gassing) for the audience would be gone. The real Derval wouldn’t have realised that an evil “twin” is standing next to him. I guess that’s the reason why they decided to do it this way….



2) 100.000$ in small bills/notes…in advance?

As the imposter gets paid, two things are weird. Does he get all the money in advance? WHAT? Why would SPECTRE do that? He could decide to just run away (try…).

And I am pretty sure that, as he opens the envelope and pulls out the money…that you can see a one-dollar bill on top of the batch. 😀 

Well, if you would pay someone 100.000$….hmh, it seems a “little” strange when you have a rather small batch of money and a one-dollar bill/note on top of it. 😉

Very weird….

Or am I wrong, do you see something else than a 1$ bill?

I am pretty sure that there is a “1” in the corner and Washington on the bill..


Your opinion on that scene? And on the 2 “strange” elements?

Feel free to leave your comment below!



10 thoughts on “The real Derval gets gassed….and the imposter takes over! [+ Fiona Volpe and her stunning cleavage]”

  1. Fiona Volpe one of the sexiest henchwomen ever in a Bond Film although Naomi in TSWLM was hotter looking but Fiona was a fully formed character who used her sexuality to seduce and kill. Pity she got a bullet in the back but that’s the deal when you play the baddie.

        • 😉 That was the fate of Vargas…
          No, in my version she would be in a black wetsuit and fight in the the final UW battle. She kills some guys, gets attacked by some.
          And than she dies in an epic battle with Bond.

    • Hmh, don’t remember the book really, but they did some changes, like the Underwater battle, that wasn’t really described in the book. Or the scene with the pilot….in the book he got stabbed on the surface (thank god they changed that in the movie! My favorite scene is with the pilot and Largo who drowns him). But, ok, that are minor changes more or less.

  2. Unfortunately, Fiona Volpe isn’t a diver. Luciana Paluzzi is the best actress in the movie and she should had play Domino character. At least, we would have seen her underwater.

    In the 80’s, Fatima Blush was a diver. Barbara Carrera is a stunning goddess. Her close-up face while she’s underwater… oh my god ! How many women have been so beautiful and classy as a diver ? She should had play Domino character and we would have had more lady fighting rubber frogmen.

    By now, imagine Xenia Onatopp in bikini riding a rubber frogman and squeezing his air hoses until his suffocate…

    • Oh yes, Fatima Blush did a great job underwater! I only wish she would have attacked bond more directly, but ok, you can’t have everything.
      And Xenia Onatopp….a great villainess. I was somehow sad that she was killed. I would prefer her wearing a rubber wetsuit as well, but yeah, such a scene would be fantastic 🙂

  3., why do you have videos with Fiona Volpe when she didn’t have a scuba or underwater scene in them as like Domino did?

    • This is a special about Thunderball, the best scuba movie of all time. IN this special I focus on all the great scenes, not just the scuba scenes.
      And Fiona is an awesome villainess!


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