Domino gets caught and tortured by Largo!

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After Bond persuaded Domino to help him, she takes a camera with a Geiger counter to check if the bombs are on board the Disco Volante. Unlucky for her Largo (while still wearing his rubber wetsuit pants) discovers her sneaking around and discovers her real intentions…

….and he starts to torture her to get more information!

But he gets interrupted by the “not really evil” scientist, who later rescues Domino from her shackles.

And this scene is pretty interesting….and very sexy 😉


Interesting aspects, weird stuff, and mistakes in this scene:


1) The evil censors overlooked a very interesting view 🙂

Well, the damn censors had a lot to complain about this movie. Lots of scenes were changed or filmed not like they were intended to be filmed. In the script, Largo rips off Dominos’s blouse.

Censors didn’t want that in the movie, so no blouse for her. Largo rips off one strap of Dominos top. Well, it seems that it is on one point glued to her breast, but nonetheless, it reveals her left breast enough so that we actually can see more (nipple alert) than we should (from the Censors perspective).

The torture itself isn’t shown, we only see the results (of the cigar).


2) Why hasn’t she escaped herself?

Largo has bound her with her own stockings(?). Shouldn’t she be able to bite through them after Largo leaves her unguarded?

The “not really evil” scientist rescues her, so we can see he has a conscience after all.


What do you think about this scene?


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2 thoughts on “Domino gets caught and tortured by Largo!”

  1. When Largo closes the door, its obvious he has sex with Domino, a last chance for sex and to ejaculate into Domino before the scuba battle….

    • Well, perhaps that was his plan after torturing her with the ice and the cigar, but he was interrupted while torturing her by the “atomic” scientist. Whatever evil plans he had…were cancelled then.


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