James Bond VS spectre frogman (frogmEn?) in an underwater cave!

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Another fine scene for my little Thunderball project! James Bond has infiltrated Largos frogmen. After knocking out a diver that prepared to dive, Bond takes his black Spectre rubber wetsuit and follows Largo and his henchmen to the Disco Volante. After a dive into a hidden underwater cave (where Largo has stashed the bombs) Bond is discovered! Largo sends a frogman (or frogmEn?) after Bond.

Here is the scene:

A great scene with a well-made fight!

It seems that the Spectre frogman tries to “burn through” Bond’s air hose with his initial attack…really cool!

Haven’t seen that in another movie…

And it is a really intense fight and much more reckless than the fight under the Disco Volante earlier (where the loser just swims to the surface).

And the fact that Largo and his henchmen leave and close that underwater gate without knowing what happens to their teammate….that’s really stone-cold. It shows how less Spectre cares about one life…

UPDATE: July 17th:

In this scene, you can see the cave scene without music….just the sound effects! And that is just a great thing….

Jump to 1:20 in the video (not my upload):


In this scene you can spot some interesting/weird moments as well:


1) Bond’s air hose is damaged (before the fight)

Bonds left regulator hose is damaged, he loses some air…Spectre should check their dive gear better 😉 (Ok, it is only the “exhaust” hose, so it’s not a big damage I guess)



2) Bond is chased by one spectre frogman…but if you look carefully you can see an (already dead) frogman in the background as Connery fights with this frogman.

Don’t know why that 2nd spectre frogman was cut out of the movie.

Perhaps the fight with that frogman looked ok first, but the cutter/editor found something so that that fight couldn’t be in the movie…don’t know.



3) Shots to Connery’s face that doesn’t fit in….

They used the same shot twice as a close up to Connery’s face… but in both scenes, you see that his head isn’t in front of some rocks. (at least not so close)

So, these two scenes with the same shot look weird….



4) How did the spectre frogman actually die?

We hear the spectre frogman moaning at the end of the fight. Bond managed to kill him. But how did he actually died?

It seems that the torch killed him somehow…but how? Ok, it can burn you severely….but it looks like one short contact with the torch killed him right away.

Where did it hit him? And why is he dead right away?

Perhaps he died of the shock of the hot “flame” hitting him? I can only guess….



5) Connery’s wetsuit rips open…

The fight with the frogman (or frogmen) was so intense that Bonds wetsuit tore open…


What are your opinions about that scene and the fight?

Feel free to leave a comment (below)


22 thoughts on “James Bond VS spectre frogman (frogmEn?) in an underwater cave!”

    • Is that a question? 😉
      If yes: I would love to see women in these wetsuit with that gear battling each other and other male divers!
      My favorite scuba fantasy….

      • Another film I would like to have seen Female scuba divers is the Spy who loved me especially Caroline Munro instead of male divers operating the Guns Sleds and Shark-Hunter wet sub

  1. Love this scene with one of Largos men trying to kill Bond with a flare and Bond manages to kill him by sticking the flare in his mask (face). I am assuming he’s killed by force of flare being forced into his face, The heat from the flare would probably melt the glass just surmising as a possible reason.

  2. I remember having jerked off to that scene many many times, yet I’m 100% straight. I was first introduced to that movie when it came to the scene where Largo killed the diver trapped in the cockpit. Seeing that pilot so dependable on that tight airhose, yet being like cocky and not willing to cooperate, and then being trapped forever thanks to that safety belt. Anyway, it may sound off-topic, but I’m surprised you never had mentionned anything related to scubaBabes.com. Check out their “Blood and bubbles” vids on youtube ! Some scuba actions with females only in there.

    • Thanks for your comment!
      That “jerking off” refers to Largo VS pilot or Bond VS the spectre frogman in the underwater cave? I guess Largo VS Pilot 😉
      The scene with the trapped pilot is my favorite….I will write a lot about it next week! Because for next weeks I wanna add two scenes to the Thunderball project. The scene where the fake Angelo gasses the bomber crew and of course, where he is killed by Largo. Stay tuned for Updates!
      And a second thanks for the recommendation! Actually I heard of that page, but I never saw a complete video, only trailers. But I guess I should investigate a little deeper on that.
      Even it seems that the frogwomen in his videos don’t have any wetsuits. But if there are some solid underwater fights then it would get interesting again.
      I bought some underwater action videos in the past from other sites and was never really happy about these videos….Bad acting, unsexy equipment, bad story etc.

    • Ive jerked off to the thunderball battle many, many times also…..the scene in the cave when Bond kills his first spectre victim still makes me ejaculate every time…

  3. That’s one of the scenes in the movie which always gets to me a lot, already making me jack it. Multiple divers in a potential combat scene. I really wonder what the idea behind that second Spectre frogman in the background was, but too bad that there is no prolonged fight where Bond has to deal with two of them. But seeing both im close combat, their bodies entangled, the deadly flare nearing their bodies. Just typing that reply gets me hard.

    • Yeah, I wonder why the second diver was cut out. In the book Bond impales a SPECTRE diver in that scene. Perhaps that scene was in the movie too, but was cut out because the censors demanded it (damn them). Or perhaps one of the divers in that fight got too excited, and this time, Peter Hunt (the editor) did cut it out.

  4. Another thing I noticed is the door which seals the cave is actually made from that super cheap, thin wooden plates (acoustical ceiling) and the “metal” border where the two doors meet is plastic tape. When you slow the playback speed while bond inspects the door you can notice subtle movements of that metal lid which wouldn’t be possible. 😀

    • Hmh, didn’t notice that before… but well, it’s ok for me, I would have spend the money on other things too. 😉

  5. The killing of the spectre guy in the cave always turns me on, makes me need to masturbate as Bond finishes him off with the flare….I love how he makes a gurgling sound as Bond wastes him….

  6. You can find on Youtube this scene without music. You hear only breathing, bubbles, burn and moaning at last. Sounds without music increase horrific death of this frogman. I guess he never expected to end this strange way : burnt into water !

    • Wow, pretty fantastic stuff!
      Never saw that scene without the score…guess I heard such a version existed…but never saw it.

      And regarding the second one…. great to see that footage as a video. A shame that it isn’t in color. But never saw these scenes in motion.
      I guess I will built in these videos in the Thunderball projext 🙂

  7. Wow, that musicless clip of the cave frogman kill is fantastic….the breathing of the two frogmen in their desperate final struggle, the bubbles, the sound of the burning as the flare basically cooks the spectre mans flesh, and the moaning as he dies……makes me hot watching this clip….i wish it had shown the spectre mans body and face after the kill, so we could see what happened to him and the damage done….i suspect his neck, face and head would of been a mess….a truly gruesome kill, but in underwater combat your objective is to waste your opponent, and you waste him using any method available….

    The clip of paula caplan vs the spectre frogmen is truly fantastic…..i bet those frogmen were rock hard under their wetsuits looking at her…..
    That pink bikini, her fit body and long dark hair….a truly beautiful woman.

    • Well, if I would wear such a wetsuit AND would see a women like Paula Caplan aka Martine Beswick in her bikini….it surely would be incredible difficult to not get a boner…
      Perhaps they thought about taxes and grannies….to not get embarassed on the set 😆

  8. Largo should should of gone after Bond himself.
    The fight would of been prolonged and vicious , but I think Largo would
    of been able to finish Bond off !!!

    • Would have been an interesting fight between these two…. but would have been problematic at that point of the movie 😉 , as both must survive.

  9. I think that Bond killed that spectre frogman by ramming the flare into his
    neck and burning his cartoid artery , which would instantly kill him.
    Definitely a gruesome way to go for the poor spectre frog !!!


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