“Breaking Surface” – My review….2 videos and much more!

After a really long time of waiting for this movie, I was finally able to see it last Thursday. I could have seen it already but I wanted a full HD picture and a language I can actually understand. The german blu-ray has the original language on it (Swedish) and a german language option of … Read more

Breaking Surface – A very promising new scuba movie!

I don’t know if I ever have written here about an upcoming movie, I guess not. But this one surely deserves our attention! Thanks to a user on a forum I learned about the upcoming, Swedish movie “Breaking surface”. Let us start with the trailer (without subtitles): – *EDIT* Version with English subtitles (thanks to … Read more

A female scuba diver trapped underwater [A new dive movie you MUST see!]

Remember this movie/ blog post? https://frogwoman.org/breaking-surface-my-review-2-videos-and-much-more – Well, that Swedish/Norwegian movie was made in 2020 and filmed in Norway. And now, just 3 years later, we have a German(!) remake that was filmed in Malta. As a German, I am always happy when there is a new German movie that isn’t a crime movie, drama, … Read more

The Deep House [scuba movie – review]

Earlier this year in May I made two posts about a new scuba movie: https://frogwoman.org/the-deep-house-a-new-and-very-promising-scuba-horror-flick https://frogwoman.org/the-deep-house-the-trailer-is-out – And I even heard about it much earlier in the year. Now I was finally able to watch the movie! Making a post about it as I usually do, would be quite impossible. In the post, I will … Read more

“The Deep House” – A new and very promising scuba-horror flick!

2020 was a really good year for scuba movies. 2 new, pretty great scuba flicks came out: “Breaking Surface” and “Deep Blue Sea 3” were both very interesting fresh scuba flicks that provided a LOT of good scenes! But what about this year? Well, I heard about “The Deep House” last year, but so far … Read more

The swimmer, the frogwoman and the beast

This one took a looooong road to be posted here. The movie was recommended several times to me by different users, I checked the scenes, wasn’t very thrilled by them, and pretty much forgot about it. Thanks to the folks who recommended it! But now, finally, I wanna post it as I do think now, … Read more

An astronaut goes….DIVING! [2 videos + a BONUS video]

In these videos, you will see something that you won’t see that often….a female astronaut that dives! And also a female safety diver as a bonus! I watched this new movie with french audio and English subtitles. They speak French, English, German and Russian in that movie. 4 languages in one movie…that was new to … Read more

The martial arts frogwoman from hungary

First of all thanks to the guy who recommended me a video from this TV show and also to Scuba Snooper who uploaded a video from it on youtube! I asked for the title of the untitled video and not only got the title but the link for the whole episode! Couldn’t ask for anything … Read more