The swimmer, the frogwoman and the beast

This one took a looooong road to be posted here.

The movie was recommended several times to me by different users, I checked the scenes, wasn’t very thrilled by them, and pretty much forgot about it.

Thanks to the folks who recommended it!

But now, finally, I wanna post it as I do think now, that many folks may like it more than I do.

I am looking forward to the reactions!

The clip is rather long as the female lead is running around in her wetsuit for quite a while, and I know that many like to see that as well.

I could write about the weird story of this one….but no, I won’t 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


*EDIT1* Unfortunately it was blocked 16 hours after I uploaded it on Youtube.

I didn’t think this video would be problematic since the movie is so unknown and old, but well, I moved it to Goggle Drive so you folks can still enjoy the scenes.

Yeah, I know the picture quality isn’t good….but that fits the actual quality of the movie. There is no Blu-ray or DVD release of this one 😉

The idea of the rubber frogman as a sea monster is interesting. I don’t know why she would faint, even he surfaces so suddenly. She should have noticed the bubbles he leaves before…and thereby knows that there is no monster chasing her but a diver.

He’s a pretty creepy guy and actually dies only moments later as the real “monster” gets him. That was done really bad, therefore I excluded that scene…and besides this is the frogWOman blog 😉

A shame that the creepy guy has the really great vintage scuba gear and the female lead and her guy have only rather lame neoprene suits (in my opinion).

Would have been great to see the woman in that rubber gear fighting the monster underwater! But no luck…

This is the pretty rare movie:


What do you think of these scenes?

Leave your comment below!


I am quite surprised how well the video was accepted by the viewers on Youtube (as long it was up).

It had over 96% likes (to dislike-ratio), which was better than for example the Breaking surface videos that are at 93/94% likes

But it seems that many are already very happy to see a woman in such a vintage wetsuit, even there is no “real” scuba action in it.


10 thoughts on “The swimmer, the frogwoman and the beast”

  1. Interesting scene, shame she wasn’t in the vintage suit but cool that she seemed to be naked under the unzipped suit she had on. She still looked pretty hot in all her dive gear, pity she didn’t have a dive hood and gloves.

  2. Siggi, I don’t understand your lack of enthusiasm for the scuba scene in this film- the woman is great looking, she’s wearing a beavertail wetsuit (you can see the high waistline of her wetsuit bottoms under her unzipped top), she’s got it unzipped in the cave & shes nude underneath it & showing a pretty pair of tits underneath- what’s not to like? Ok, her wetsuit could be tighter & have had more of a shiny smoothskin finish, but otherwise it’s an ace scene apart from being too dark.

    • I don’t know for sure. Maybe my disappointment of the lack of scuba action with her made me grumpy before she was running around in that suit 😆
      Or the disappointment that the creepy guy has such a sexy wetsuit and she has only that one….
      Need to watch the whole ending again without skipping through it.

      • The copyright owner is Troma films, who bought the film some years ago. I guess they want to keep it for their pay per month viewing site. They even stopped showing Troma films including this one, on the Sky Horror Channel- & they used to have Troma film seasons on there, which was where I first saw this film.

        • Thanks for the info!
          Yeah, maybe I should have edited it down to 2 videos with barely 4 minutes each instead of one video with over 10 minutes. Videos with less then 4 minutes are usually not blocked.
          But well, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem in this case….


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