Breaking Surface – A very promising new scuba movie!

I don’t know if I ever have written here about an upcoming movie, I guess not. But this one surely deserves our attention!

Thanks to a user on a forum I learned about the upcoming, Swedish movie “Breaking surface”.

Let us start with the trailer (without subtitles):

*EDIT* Version with English subtitles (thanks to “omai” for that!):

Trailer with subtitles

(can’t embed the video here)

Well, I have to say I wasn’t that excited about a new movie with scuba scenes since I saw the trailer for “Sanctum” several years back!

This one seems all about two frogwomen (sisters actually) and their diving trip that really takes a bad turn. I don’t understand the Swedish dialogues in the trailer, but it is rather easy to understand the basic story:

As one of them is trapped underwater the older sister needs to supply her trapped, younger sister with full air tanks to stay alive and find a way to free her before all air supplies are gone.

And the trailer alone shows already quite a lot of scuba peril scenes and hints at how much there might be in the full movie. I’m not the biggest fan of drysuits, but that is only a minor issue. They have modern full-face scuba masks, actually quite a rare sight in movies. And the last FFM’s I saw in movies were masks that were designed just for the movies, and they weren’t very attractive.

As you can see in the last moments of the trailer the movie will premiere in Sweden on February 14th. It doesn’t have any premiere dates for other countries now and somehow I don’t think that will change that close to the premiere. I do hope that the movie will surface along with subtitles in the near future as I really MUST see this one!

An interesting detail: 1:21 into the trailer there is a diver with a different scuba mask. Is that another diver? If yes, who is he/she and what does this diver intend to do?

Or is the diver her older sister? But why would she now use a different scuba mask? Is her old one broke by then? Many interesting questions 😉

Official storyline:

A few days after Christmas, Swedish/Norwegian half-sisters, Ida and Tuva, set out on a winter dive in a remote part of the Norwegian coastline. Towards the end of the dive, a rockslide traps Tuva underwater. As Ida surfaces to call for help, she discovers that the rockslide has struck above water as well, burying their equipment, phones, and car keys… they are completely cut off from any chance of outside rescue. As the frantic race for survival unfolds, Ida is put to the ultimate test of character and forcefulness. During Ida’s fight to save Tuva, a fractured sisterhood is exposed, and when all seems lost, the stakes rise beyond simple survival.


Here are some promo posters I discovered the last days:

(click to enlarge)

And some pictures from the movie/trailer:

(click to enlarge)

Here is the IMDB link:

Breaking surface

What do you think of the trailer?

What do you expect from the movie?

Do you wanna watch it?

Leave a comment below!



14 thoughts on “Breaking Surface – A very promising new scuba movie!”

    • Yeah, looks interesting, thanks!
      Even it is “only” freediving and wouldn’t 100% fit here.
      But I will try to get my hands on that one…I guess that might get rather difficult.

  1. despite it being a disaster movie I do like its a scuba peril with frogwomen.

    i hope there’ll be at least a scene with regulators and masks (highly unlikely but who knows)

  2. I gotta say this movie looks great. Diver peril and a woman running round on land getting into all sorts of scrapes while still wearing her dry suit. I can’t wait.

    • In swedish movie theathers 😉
      As soon I get my hands on the movie I will make a post about it.
      But this may take a while as the movie just hit the cinemas.

  3. OMG! This looks great! With both of them wearing Ocean Reef FFM, not to mention drysuit (even a long time on surface/land)

    I really hope the situation of running out of air by the trapped diver is long enough (if ever happen, which is most likely) tho

    While 47 Meters have a good running out of air situation, but I kinda hate the FFM they’re wearing.

    Please let us know if any of you have access to the movie somewhere (I’m sure it would never came to my country’s theater sadly)

    • As soon as I will found it, I will make a post about it. And hopefully several posts, as this movie should have more than 5 minutes of scuba scenes 🙂

  4. I have downloaded the full version of this movie, but the quality is relatively low. The audio is the original Swedish with Russian dubbing. What is more embarrassing is that the Russian dubbing is a man’s voice, which is too different from the two heroines in the film.

    But the film is really great. The drysuit, full face mask, underwater phone, trapped, emergency ascent, vomiting, fainting, is a perfect diving movie

    xxxxxx [Edited by Siggi80]

    this is torrent file download link

    • Thanks for the link, but I can’t allow such download links here on this page.
      The description of the content sounds great but I won’t watch a low quality version of this one, especially with such a laughable dub.
      I will wait until a good quality version is available. And english or german subtitles must be at least available (if not a dub).

  5. What country was this made and can someone translation what everyone is saying? Pretty and nice seeing two females scuba dive. Are they suppose to be family or friends? I hope neither one dies or gets killed.

    • This is a Swedish movie that was filmed in Norway (and in studios).
      They are sisters. Certainly a must-have scuba movie with all that underwater screentime!


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